My quest for 6.7

You might be right now that I think about it. Never considered the fresh but flat thing.

With that being said:

Speed 1: 2-3 block starts to 20m, 2x60m (20m intensity limit)

Speed 2: 3-4 starts

Looks about right, with the lifting staying as is.

The speed stuff looks good but it really depends on what you have been doing the weeks prior. I know CF says you can spread the lifts out once you start to taper but I prefer to keep them on the speed days just to be safe, esp if you can’t get therapy every day.


Wk 1-3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6

The above example seems to work well for me, small drops in volume.

Just got home from the meet. It didnt go so hot. First I’ll say that my goal for this meet, since there was no real competition for me was to get some good starts and test out my pre-comp preparation.

Both of those things went well. I had a fantastic start, in one race at least, and felt sharp as hell!

With that being said heres what went down.

The heats, got out well was way ahead of the field at 20m, cruised in for a 7.19s easy heat.

The finals, we’re in set, the guy next to me twitches really badly, and it made me react, almost fell from my blocks, managed to stay in them though. I was about to just stand up after that point because we had been in set for a while and the guy next to me totally messed me up. Then the gun went off and when I saw the guys out in front of me I figured I should start running. I could see their 2nd steps while I was in set. It was that bad.

What a mess of a race. I ended up running them all down but my time was garbage, not even worth mentioning.

So some positives. The meet this weekend is here, so no travel required and there will be some good competition. I’m going to turn it on for that.

How did it go?

Went alright, my lead up to the meet was great.

Very close to what we had discussed.

I ended up running a 7.16 and 7.12. Nothing fantastic.

I realize now that my goals were a little lofty, but I like to set them high to begin with. The quest for 6.7 will be ongoing.

My start stinks, but I think I’ve made some good technical advances that I have yet to try in a competition because they are not quite stable yet. I just ended up running the hell out of those races.

I have one meet left this season and I’m going to run it like hell.

The good news is that I’ve got a technical coach for this summer, which will be a huge benefit. The 60 is a tough beast without a decent start. I think I’m more of a 100-200 guy. Unfortunately there arent any open 200m run indoors around here.

I think I’m going to move up this summer to the 200m. I think with my longer limbs and decent top speed that I’m a little more suited for the 200. I’ve just never really given it a chance.

Reflecting over this past season I think I’ve learned alot and have figured out many things. I’m hoping to apply those things to the upcoming outdoor season and run some fast times.

Leading up to my last race of the indoor season and my prep looks like this:

Sat: Race
Sun: Off
Mon- Hurdle mobility and Tempo
Wed-Easy starts, couple of easy 60m, easy sets of cleans
Fri-Warm up, starts

After this I’m going to re-evaluate where I’m at and what I need to do for this summer.

I don’t like doing cleans for the final taper, bench press 2x1 and get out.

Have you started outdoor prep?

Hey, its been sometime since I’ve posted.

Turns out our 4x200m relay team qualified for champs. So I’ll need to keep up with training for another 2 weeks.

The plan is to hit up a few speed endurance sessions and maintain some speed. We’re going to be working on our passes pretty hard too.

So the plan for now is to do that and then shut down for a week and start up the outdoor prep.


warm up
1 stride

3x4 cleans

ice tub


Warm up
some relay exchanges

3x3 squats


Easy tempo 10x100m
hurdle mobility

Seasons been over for a week now. Our 4x2 did alright at nationals. We set a personal best so I can’t complain.

My split was a 23.1s out of blocks on a flat 200m track. I suck at the corners they suck my speed away. So I think right now I’m in 22.5 outdoor 200m shape.

So the past week has been rest and today I start back into it, I’ll ease in a little and then be back in the full swing of things in no time.

The structure of my week will change slightly, I’ll still have 3 high intensity days, I’m just going to switch one to special endurance. Like I said, I’d like to run a better 200m while I work on my block starts. I also think I respond a little better to 2 pure speed days vs 3, gives me that extra time to recover.

So generally my week will look like

Sun: accels, fly’s,plyos and weights
mon: Tempo, hurdle mobility
tue:Special endurance (250m’s)
wed:tempo, hurdle mobility
thurs:accels, fly’s, plyos and weights
fri:tempo, hurdle mobility

I’d like to incorporate more fly complexes. I found that during my indoor I had the best speed gains off of EFE and FEF’s and flying 30’s. So the fly’s will vary around 80-120m and change around EFE,FEF and fly in distances.

MY block starts have been my greatest issue since I started track, I’ve got no push from the blocks. I just walk out and hope for the best. To fix this, I’ve got a coach who is willing to coach me on this, he’s very good. I’m also going to use the isorobic exerciser while in the blocks and focus on the drive with both legs pushing on the blocks and an aggressive arm action. Then contrast this while trying to recreate the push unresisted. To me this seems like an appropriate way of trying to fix this issue.

So far, I think my first outdoor meet might be in may sometime, a twillight 200m will probably be it. I’m hopping to open up with a good time.

If your outdoor season starts in May how many outdoor meets do you have?

Just a few pre-season meets in may. The meat of the competitions are in june/july. The details are still up in the air right now, but so far I’m looking to run in 8 meets.

Still trying to find an extra series of 2-3 meets somewhere, plan a little trip.

In the past i’ve raced about 3-4 200’s in a season, so I’m looking to raise that up quite a bit, maybe up to 6. Want to hit that 21.x this year. 21.6 is my province’s record and 10.6 is the 100. Would like to break those this year.

Yesterday, first workout back

Hit the outdoor track for the first time this year felt great

4 accels
The 250’s felt pretty good, I took them out hard, and felt it on the last 50m pretty bad. This feels a lot easier indoors because of the turns it takes your mind off of the pain a little. Didn’t have a stopwatch unfortunately, but indoors I ran them in 30s flat and I took these out harder and died harder with a good tail wind on my back, so I’d venture a guess at 29.mid. Next time I’ll have a stopwatch to tell for sure.

Couple of standing broad jumps for testing, all at 3-3.1m in the sand pit.

Went to the gym and didnt do a whole lot

Hurdle mobility
Ab circuit

You guys are still in school in July?

no, sorry, my outdoor season is separate from school, we don’t have collegiate outdoors in canada.

Good outdoor session today, first speed workout back, it felt great
afternoon session: 450m

8x15-20m accels from block, contrasted with isorobic starts
4x80m FEF

10x overhead shot toss, pb of 15.1m (a meter pb)

evening session
10x standing triple jumps
6x2 cleans
4x5 hamstring curls

Monday- Tempo 2x5x100m, with 50m walkback rest
Hurdle flexibility, abs circuit

Tuesday- 3x20m accels, 2x250m
3x10 squats
3x10 weighted hip thrusts
4x10 hip abduction

Today- Same as Monday

8x20m(total) accels contrasted with Isorobic starts
4x80m FEF
10x over head shot throws (15.4m pb)

30 min break (Travel to gym)

5x10 hurdle hops

4x3 Hang Snatch
3x5 Squat

Damn man my Isorobic is falling apart.