My quad made a poping sound!?!

I was at the end of my workout yesterday. I was doing my last 120. I got to the finish line and as soon as i crossed it I heard a pop sound in my right quad. I fell down and it started to cramp. I was able to walk on it and I could also stretch it. I got home and iced 20 on 20 off and did some light stretches. Today it hurts. I am able to walk but it I make any sudden movements I get a sharp pain. I have also noticed the muscle jumping involuntarily. IT is sore when I touch it. It swelled up a little but no discoloration.

What do you guys think happened to my quad? Is It a pull, strain or just a bad cramp. And what are your suggestions for recovery. Thanks for any help.

Keep contrasting, icing, and stretching. I think you might have pulled it, it sounds like when you stopped you decerlated very fast and your quad wasn’t ready for it.

I’m pretty sure you have a tear and need to get it looked at. for sure keep it immobile for the next three days and get it looked at by someone with experience

Thanks for the reply. Do you think that I will be able to recover by next friday? I have a big meet.

I don’t really think any level tear in your quad would fully recover that fast, to be honest. Take your time, a small injury can ruin you if you don’t recover.

It sounds doubtful. you need to be checked over very carefully first

ok thx guys

Any updates?

yea it was worse than I thought. I tried to run the meet, I took one step out of the blocks and stopped, it felt like I was stabbed with a knife. The next day at the meet I met this dude that is a Physical therapist, and a flexability specialist. Here is the website.
Before I had a session with him I was able to run 32 sec 200’s and 15 sec 100’s. Anything faster and my quad would tighten up on me. MY first session which was 6/21 he gave me some ultrsound and took me through 1 hour of stretching. That shit was painful. He does alot of dynamic stretching. He was able to hit spots deep in my quad that I didnt think was possible With stretching. He really got alot of the scar tissue out. THe next day I was able to run alot faster before I felt any pain. I had another session 6/28 and I was alot more flexible. My ROM was alot better in my quad. He also gave me more ultrasound. THe next day I was able to run 11.4 in the 100m at practice. I am still not able to really run fast yet but it is getting better. I tried to hit it real hard and my quad tightened again. I am hoping to be back at 100% in a few more weeks.

My quad Has finally healed. I am able to run fast with no discomfort at all. I do have a question if anyone can answer. My quad that was injured is now disfigured. I have a big lump that appears when I flex. It appears to be my top left quad muscle.(the one that was hurt) The muscle looks like a big lump. Should I worry about that or not. It doesnt hurt but it looks gross lol! Is it scar tissue. should I get it massaged out?

holy shit 1 hour of stretching i wish the guys in vancouver would stretch me around for that long. I swear around here a session lasts 5-15mins its so short. Especially art, longest i had was a 25 min deep tissue message which left me sore for days.

You’ve probably torn some fibres off. usually this doesn’t present a long-term problem as long as the area is fully mobilized. Often, parafin wax treatments help break up the scar.
DO NOT test it as you go. Simply increase the rate slowly as you’ve been doing.

How does a paraffin wax treatment address scar tissue?

So I should be ok? Wil the wax help my leg return to looking normal?
Where can I find this treatment? Do you think massage will help at all?

You might need to get your own parafin wax unit- costs about 100 bucks iI think. you need to leave it plugged in somewhere or the wax starts to stink. Paint it on the lag with a brush, wrap it with a towell and, when done, peel it off and throw it back in the container (make sure you don’t have any oil or other rubs on your leg or else you need to turf the wax you just used.

I thought paraffin was just a gimmick for spas. Guess not.

I really does seem to reduce the size of the scar. i had a girl who had a scar on the quad and we used the parafin every day at Brigham Young (they had huge vats of it!) on Waldemar’s advice. It sure reduced the size of it when combined with massage and eventually it pretty much disappeared. I was surprised at the time.

Thx. I guess its time to search the net