My first times for sprinting for me?

well, i posted this at the end of my “quick tips” thread, but i didn’t get any replies, and since this IS sorta a different subject…anyways, answer away (please).

So I’ve already “made the team” (soccer JV) even though I screwed up majorly on basically every drill in tryouts. Monday of tryouts though they timed us in a 20yd,40yd, and 100 yd. They were my first timed sprints ever, and I definitely could have done “better” had I known what was going on, but anyways…

in my first timed sprints ever, I got a 2.8, 4.9, and 10.7. I also did the zig zag thing which I also screwed up really badly…i’d never done it before and it felt like I was knocking all the cones down so I looked back EVERY time (i know, stupid) so the coach was cracking up :P. I got somewhere above 10 (very bad). We only got one try too…

I know they aren’t up to par quite yet (even more so by this forum’s standards), but I’ve been doing more distance stuff or nothing till now. Last season I ran track as just conditioning for soccer, but I think I’m going to put a bit more focus into it this year with healed up knees.

Okay, so for the questions…how are those times for a 15 year old kid (5’6) who wants to start sprinting? And is there any way, looking at those times, that you can determine what I need to work on first? I can post some other stats if you guys need them…and a vid of myself sprinting as soon as I find the time. Which probably won’t be for a while with soccer now, but anyhow…

Yards are a very weird distance, for starters I converted those distances to meters like that we have a less confusing picture :

18.29m. = 2.9
36.58m. = 4.9
91.44m. = 10.7

So I would think you’re able to do 3.1 in 20m., 5.3 in 40m. and 11.9-12.0 in 100. Those sound like good numbers for a 15 year old with no training. It also seems like you accelerate very well and have decent speed endurance, your main weakness is your top speed. But regardless of what your specific weakness is at the moment, since your training age is zero, the greatest improvements at this time will definitely come from a good general preparation phase, then in the special preparation phase you can emphasize work on top speed, but at least in your first years of training improvements from specific training will be small (a few tenths at best) compared to improvements gained from general fitness (up to a second or several seconds). So start working on a plan that includes a good GPP.

Aln as always with his good tips :wink:
Aln, where we will run for the first time ?
How u´re times ?

You need to work on general fitness first.

thanks for the reply aln. Yeah, I didn’t realize that we were running yards at first until people started getting sub-5 times for the 40…

as far as a GPP, would there be any chance that I could do one during the soccer season? or would it be smarter to hold it off until the winter? They’ll be working us fairly hard during practices (5 days a week), so i’m not sure what that’ll do to my recovery…

and when one says “general fitness” what is that referring to? like bf% and such? Or building a base upon which a sprinter will be able to make gains/putting on muscle?

Oh, and one more thing, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: After I ran those times, my right (and a little left) quad felt kinda “tight,” like a pulling sensation but not a pulled muscle. Would that be indicitive of a muscle imbalance between my quads and hams, and a stronger right leg than left?

sorry for all the questions, but obviously I’m a little new to this. I’ve been trying to pick up as much as I can from reading threads on this forum, but i’m still piecing stuff together.

sub 5 time in 40 isnt hard at all

dont worry about 40, unless its electronic, i wouldnt trust it much…for ex. i was on the running back, who supposidly runs a 4.5 flat, well if he runs a 4.5 flat then im running a 4.3, electronic really is the only true reliable way to go, ie at my combine there were all these kids claiming to run 4.3, and they came in on hand time at 4.3’s, but on the electronic timer the fastest time of the day was 4.76…so all im really trying to say is that sprinting is for you if you want to sprint, doesnt matter what you are running, if you want to sprint then go for it.

Nice words numba56

Yes!One thing about sprinting is people will try to get in your head even people you know.An ounce of doubt they give you can slow you down

Excuse my European ignorance, but how are 40yd times for football timed?
From start signal (like FAT in Athletics sense) or with some light gate setup?

How would they translate to FAT times? For example: If I time 6 inch off the start line it takes me 0.3 - 0.4 to reach there. (a “6 inch sprint” :wink: )

And when you say to people that you´re ( or wanna ) be a sprinter, the first reaction is idiot questions like;
:eek: Oohhh, why so the niggas are the fast for the last …years ?
or; :eek: oohhh, but you´re not a 15 y/o guy anymore…
or yet; :eek: ooohhhh, but athlets are a poor segment of society…
4 Me , this is all varieties of envy. :o

your posts are always somewhat intelligent and informational but you in your above post I find the use of the N word very disrespectfull…despite what the norm is in your group of friends or circles some do find that using deregatory terms like the one you have chosen extremely offensive…

just letting you know if no one has told you as of yet…I urge you to keep up you “GOOD” posts…but maybe sit-back and have a thought about who may be reading your words…



thanks for all the replies

yeah, right when I posted this thread I regretted my title…(note the edit of my original post’s title) but yeah, i guess that’s not the real question. i’ve decided that I want to get fast, so I will.

my question(s) still stands though…what is defined as general fitness? and what exactly will the GPP accomplish (other than “general fitness”)

and also would it be appropriate to do a GPP during the soccer season? with soccer being pretty hard and all.

Oh, and is there any way possibly that I might be able to get a hard copy of CFTS? As much as I’d like to give this place 20 bucks, i’m only 15 and my parent’s don’t really like me getting things online, especially when the goods are not tangible.

and @Blaze - anything sub 5 for a 40m would be pretty amazing for underclassmen soccer players who don’t particularly hit the weights like football and aren’t quite physically matured either - we’re not as fast as you :slight_smile:

Ok, Wizzard, tks for half of your comments,
but, as you can see, above, above and above, i´m not a good writer ( at least in english ), so, sometimes, i can´t make myself clear, so, please,
let me know, what you don´t understand, or what do you understand as a disrespectful comment ( negative words ).
Because, to me, in portuguese, i just said the truth. I don´t know if you are an athlete or a sprinter, but that atitude i described above above above is very common here in Brazil. Every time we said we are athletes, “normal” people on society start to say bulsh…with “answer asks” , some of those ridiculous things that i wrote above above above.

Probably Balze was referring to 40 yds. 40 yds sub 5 is not extraordinary, but a sub 5s 40m FAT is not bad at all, because it should translate into a 7.00s 60m or sub 11.00 100m…