Music For Warmups and Workouts

Ok, I wanted to start this thread because numba gave me a good idea, big ups to numba. First off, I am a punk, hard rock, inspirational type of music listener. So, my choices for posting on this topic will be largely bias toward that direction. Seeing as music is such a powerfull motivator and instigator, I wanted to see what music you guys use to get in the battle mode.So, here it is, List your top 10 or so artists and top 20 or so songs that get you hyped!

My Top ~10 Artists:

  1. Chevelle
  2. Linkin Park
  3. Hoobastank
  4. Creed
  5. Finch
  6. System of a Down
  7. Rage Against the Machine
  8. Rocky Soundtrack

Top ~20 Songs:

  1. Chevelle- An Evening with El Diablo
  2. Chevelle- Until Your Reform (SPiderman SOundtrack)
  3. Chevelle-Send the Pain Below
  4. Chevelle- Anticipation
  5. Chevelle- Closure
  6. Chevelle- Don’t Fake this
  7. Chevelle- Family System
  8. Chevelle- Grap thy Hand
  9. Chevelle-Open
  10. CHevelle- The Red
  11. Creed- Bullets
  12. Disturbed- Stupify
  13. Drowning Pool- Bodies
  14. Finch- New Begginnings
  15. Finch- Three Simple Words
  16. Senses Fail- Free Fall Without a Parachute
  17. Hoobastank- Crawling in the Dark
  18. Linkin Park- Entire CD rocks
  19. Crystal Method- Replacement Killers Opening Theme
  20. Requiem for a Dream- Hope Overture
  21. The Matrix Sndtk- Massive Attack (Neo Sleep)
  22. Creed- What if

A little note: Every single lifting or sprinting PR I have ever done has been under the influence of Chevelle…lol. Havent heard there new Album yet, but there last one is Gold. tear it up! Indoors is here…

Well I don’t have 20, but here a couple that are really good, especially for motivation/hype.

Bonecrusher- Never Scared
Drag-on- Trouble
Pit Bull, Lil Jon- Culo
Lil Jon, Twista, Trick Daddy- Let’s Go
Murphy Lee, Nelly- Hold Up
Lil Flip- Game Over

Ok, only 6 but those are the more recent ones, or at least the ones I have been listening to recently.

The Chevelle Album is great! So is Linkin Park

  • Requiem for a Dream- Hope Overture (NICEEEEEEEE!!! Sik Song and great movie!)

Im more of a hip hop head though here are my picks…

-Mobb Deep
-Old 50 Cent

Anything by rage against the machine, disturbed, linking park etc.

For rap, some eminem (soldier, till i collapse, run rabbit run), victory by the bad boy family…

linkin park songs, nirvana, and clap back by ja rule get me pumped like crazy.

Ok a lot of what i like has been said, but you know what really gets me pumped?
I’m not kidding here either, feel free to laugh —
The music from the Rocky IV training montage where he climbs the 55000 ft mountain in running boots!

Dude, I could swear that the rocky series should be shown to every young man and women in america interested in sports. What a motivational tool!!!

“There are few things in life that have the motivational properties of watching an emotional person with motivation.” ~Jay

does anyone here have the song lets go by trick daddy and lil jon the EDITED version…we cant have swearing in our warmups…


how about movies? any given sunday and varsity blues get me going. i love the line in any given sunday the end gives beanmen when he first gets in. “Better get used to that shit muthafucka, because Ima be pickin peanuts outta yo ass all day!”

My name is Willie (Willie Beaman)
I keep the ladies (creamin) — So good!

“There goes my hero” — just as good!

Chariots of Fire!
Bruce Lee!

Gonna have to say metallica! Anything off the S&M album is enough to get me pumped ready to explode. Other choices would have to be eminem, guns n roses (civil war, welcome to the jungle etc…) or nickelback (breathe)

Grand Champ by DMX is what I’ve been listening too most recently. Bump the Metallica, and Victory too. NIN remix of Victory is a great track.

For me, I get hype with hearing Jungle (Drum and Bass) especially Old Skool like Brockie and MC Dett,Stevie Hyper D,Randall,Jumping Jack Frost,Ray Keith etc.

Also listening to MF Doom aka Vicktor the Slicksta aka Super Villian gets me rolling…For those who don’t know…get to know…this cat is deep on the lyrical tip! Infact I’m looking for a 6.6/6.7 this indoor season and MF Doom is gonna help to get me in the mood for aggressive actions out of the blocks!!!



eminem- 8mile
fidy cent
akon- locked up
Houston Feat. Chingy, Nate Dogg & I-20 - i like dat

motley crue - kickstart my heart
muse - new born

some van halen, lost prophets and guns and roses

Top 10 *In no particular order

50 cent/G-Unit
Lil John
Ali/Murphy Lee/Nelly
Lil Scrappy
Mobb Deep

Top 20 songs
Game Over remix
Still Ballin
If I can’t do it
Many Men
Stunt 101
I’m a soldier
Till I collapse
Let Me In
Breathe In Breathe Out
Trina Moe
Ruff Ryders National Anthem
No Problem remix
Knuck If you Buck
The Champ Is Here
Get Low remix
What’s Happening
Never Scared
Act a fool
Welcome To Atlanta
Staring at the world through my rearview

I guess i got carried away, but their are tons, i just make an mp3 cd, carries over a hundred songs, ain’t nothing better than that!

just thought that it was cool that i didn’t count how many examples i put but coincidentally they came out 10 and 20! haha!