MTCCCA Sprint Training Part III Long to Short vs. Short to Long


no mention of charlie…interesting





couldnt agree with a many of the things he said, including the overspeed training during the championship phase.

It’s not really about agreement about one’s system or not in my view. It’s about how someone operates as a coach and what is done as a coach to lead his or her athletes into performance that is favorable. A coach is either going to inherit talent and maintain that persons talent or give that person the opportunity to improve. Each way has value depending on how you see it.

IF you want to develop an athlete that is an entirely different thing which requires a longer term map with different goals which has a longer horizon.

American training has been in part largely influenced by the hugely successful college system. If you are or have been lucky enough to encounter superior or excellent coaching in this setting it will be to your advantage. It’s my understanding that it’s not the norm but the exception depending on which sport we are discussing.

I think when people are comfortable enough in their own successes providing they have some success they feel it’s easy to mention what is clearly obvious.

Charlie gets to take credit for what he did and he gets to make claim to sharing what he did and others have been able to replicate what he has shared and then it becomes their success.


What do you think Charlie would say about this workout TWO DAYS before district championships:

steep hills
3X180 @97%??

Also if you look here, you will see that his (Parkway Central HS, about 50 miles out of St. Louis) best senior boy ran 11.82 in 2015, and that was the 7th best in school history (no one at this high school has ever broken 11 seconds for 100 and the fastest girl all-time ran 12.51 with legal wind):

Banta claims to have won a bunch of championships, but perhaps his area is not competitive, because I see these results as average to poor for sprints, and I suspect the reason is overwork and not knowing how to peak properly. He claims state records in 3200 and 4X800 (he had professional distance runner Emily Sisson move into his school for Junior and Senior years), and that seems to imply a distance guy who probably does not have the experience to coach sprints properly. I add up his HI training in the Championship Week he showed as 1480 meters (that was for 100/200), and keep in mind that Charlie once posted that Ben averaged 1500m of HI work in his best season.

By comparison, in “Inside the SPP” Charlie listed the last week as 2X60 twice. You can have different interpretations of the same thing. But technical competence also matters.

We know this kind of volume is stupid beyond comprehension.

Part of the problem in the world of training and coaching is unlike yourself no one takes the time to look at some of what you just looked up and discovered.

If I write something about what training I performed I feel obligated to tell the story surrounding the training. There are so many variables that fit into the puzzle of the work an athlete and coach perform and until you have done this work it’s difficult to understand.

I’ve tried in the past to write in my blog the training but I have to find a way to construct it so it can be read easily. I guess no one really wants to see the minute details of sleep, food, rest intervals etc…, etc… vs the content of training.

The thing I know for sure is most would be stupefied by how little gets done at certain stages and how much volume can be done at certain stages and also how totally variable on any given day training might be IF NEED be.

I trained at the same time every day 5 days a week in the beginning and 6 days as time moved ahead. My warm up almost never changed and I still use that warm up today if and when I run. These facts are basic yet I rarely see or hear of it in practice.

In general as of 2016 it’s my opinion that the concept and or the variable of training of QUALIty is grossly miss understood.
people still don’t regenerate consistently or enough or they think they are doing it but it’s poorly executed.

The training info here is special because of it’s history and others ability to replicate it. And while lots of people possibly wish to refute the claims due to negative history the results are impossible to ignore.

What’s with the 97% anyway?

The idea is just under max, Not full out, leave something in the tank etc.

I just tweeted the url of this thread to PJ. Now, anyone who has followed NCAA track in the last few years should recognize the name Emily Sisson. She is a multiple NCAA champion in distances, and someone with that talent level is going to make any high school coach look much better than he/she is. That’s not what concerns me.

But, if you have been following a couple of other sprint sites that you might not want me to name, you will know that for last year or two he has been writing a book to be called the Sprinters Compendium, and he has gotten material from many other coaches, including PJ. The obvious concern seeing the videos linked above is that he will indoctrinate a generation of coaches into what you correctly termed volume that is “stupid beyond comprehension.” Hopefully PJ can give him some idea of what a proper sprint program should look like.


I thought I was looking at the Long Jump for girls and realized it was for the boys.
I’m so used to looking at the marks from CA TX and FL. Wow!
BTW, I went back to my old high school during the recent X-mas break and I was surprised that my LJ record was still there even though it was the wrong mark. It was 5" off. Should have been 23’ 8.5" No biggie…still had a lot of fun.
The kids were like …oh that is nice dad. cool. lol

Thanks for the tweet call
Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to watch the videos of this conference as i’m in a coaching-sleep-coaching-sleep process so I can’t tell much. Regarding volume, 2 days of a competition early season, a 200 m regional level sprinter will be able to sustain much more volume than a high level 100 m sprinter before a major meet… What is the upper limit? There’s no answer to this question, that’s where training is not a science, you are not going to repeat the experience a myriad of times, only changing the volume factor and check the competition result to find out what is the best volume for a given athlete. Training is history. All things are never equal. You never get a second chance.

oh, just to let you all know, this is the same guy that posted the video on youtube of the girl dropping off a bench, in spikes then sprinting.


…Oh snap… Got eeeem

We know bro…we know lol I looked at the rest of his videos after you posted the first one.
Hard to reserve judgement with all the info coming out haha
that work out 2 days before District is bananas


I also looked up your race off the comments you made on this video…You ran well. in Q round I believe correct? How did you do in the final bro?
btw, I had every intention of making it to FL for the LJ with very limited training but I hurt myself (sore really) chasing down a fly ball and jumping high off my left leg after a mad dash from center to left field. I switched from playing 3rd and moved to the Rover position (10th defensive player) bc I love running down fly balls.
I jump off my right leg so I was under prepared for that move.
I have to get back to the NBA on TNT now.

lol, In that prelim race I felt like boo boo, so I expected to run much faster in the final…I didnt, plus my plantar fascitis decided to flair up after the prelim.

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I sometimes liken the fiasco aka 1988 plus the events that ensued post this period as a nuclear war of sorts. It was for some anyway.

For others, well we see with video, cable and the internet anyone can have there time in the sun or moments of fame