most bang for the buck

I maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy have a few bucks to buy something from CF. What would you say is the best thing to start of with it if you had to choose one. GPP, Vancouver, or even a set of books…etc. I got about $40 to spare :frowning:

By the way, i coach HS sprints 60-400, boys and girls. I am looking to build a program that starts prep in Dec. that incorporates plyos, weights, starts, etc. Also, would any be helpful and easy to translate to a 400m program.

for the 400 check out the lactate threshold thread

and the summary of it here

as for the products. i own the book set and it is extremely informative, not that less would be expected, that being said, i would suggest that you read the posted reviews of the products that intrest you and hopefully a member owning all of the products will find this thread and give you a helpful anwser.

CFTS and SpeedTrap.
Buy the basics first. You will be verrrrrry happy with these 2 books.

Aren’t these e books. Are they in print?

how come I cannot find the posted reviews?

On initially entering the forum scroll right down to the bottom the reviews and recommended section is there:


cant wait to watch the van series.