Morning Lifting Workouts' Effects on Sprinting

If you had to lift in the morning (before 10 am) due to scheduling or whatever what would the appropriate adjustments if any be for the speed sessions? Lower volume? Lower intensity? Adjust the lift? If doing med ball throws or plyos on that day should they be done with the lifting or after the speed work or before the speed work?

Scott Weiser
New Mexico State University

Yes, you must control intensity and volume even more tightly.


M. Track
T. Weights & Med Ball
W. Tempo
T. Track
F. Weights & Med Ball
S. Tempo
S. Recover

I would also suggest performing the plyos on speed days. Weight volume will have to be carefully monitored :slight_smile:

Start training earlier in the morning and complete the sprinting first, before lifting.

Try to get in touch with Victor Lopez at Rice University. He is a big advocate of lifting before sprinting. He actually does Weights-to-Jumps (Plyos)-to-Speed. He sights Bosco alot, and I think that he wants his people to take a 6 hour break between weights and Sp. He has some articles out there, but it would be best to speak with him to get the details as to volume exercise choice, et.

I know that Gary Winkler uses weights prior to Sp. as well, so you may want to chat with him. I’ve never done this myself, so I can’t really help beyond that.

I use to do weights in the morning and threw in the afternoon. It worked ok then, but when I decided to have a go at sprinting I decided to do weights the morning after my track session.

So a full week for looks like this.

Mon - Recovery (Kickboxing/Dancinga and Stretch)
Tue - Track - Speed based
Wed - Weights
Thu - Track - Tempo
Fri - Tempo Base
Sat - Track - Speed base plus weights (no heavy squats or bench press)
Sun - Off

Training weights the morning of your main track session (in afternoon) is not ideal, but as David W said if you have to reduce volume and intensity.