Morning jog for sprinters

I’m a jumper/sprinter.
Would it be ok for me to consume a protein shake at 5am, jog for 2 miles at 5:30am, at real slow pace, and then come home and eat high protein/carb/calorie breakfast, and then just continue on the rest of the day with sprint training?

Basically to run a slow 2 miles every other day, for the next month at 5:30 am. My bedtime is 9pm usually, so I get the sleep in.

Can this hurt a sprinter? Is it benifical?

i would say this is probably a waste of time.

Well, unless you’re overweight, 2 miles isn’t going to do much for you. And if you are in shape 2 miles isn’t going to do anything beneficial for you anyway. If you wanted to do say, a morning flexability session and needed to get your blood flowing you could probably jog less than a mile.

i would do some sort of gpp warmup before stretching in the morning.

id stick to a regular warm up, light jog/bike/rope etc and do a few sets of medball throws and drills. this will make afternoons warm up routine much more quick

What about jogging before weights?? i know it’s probably a really simple question, but to drop some fat I’ve been jogging up to 20 minutes (running is more like it about 12-13 km/hr) on a treadmill before doing weights, This shouldn’t interfere with my sprinting capacity should it?? considering I’m in GPP.

For me 4-5 min. on the treadmill at that speed is enough to slightly raise body temperature.After that I let the dynamic stretching and warmup sets take care of the preparation

to warm up yeah, at that speed probably no more than 5-8 mins but to burn a little fat?? what’s recomended??

I have a fast metabolism so I dont know how good my tips would be.

I would personally do a short warm up, get loose, lift weights, finish up and have a protein shake and some carbs, after then about 2-3 hours later jog to burn fat.

I would think that if you jogged before lifting you would not perform 100% in the weight room, or vice versa. It all depends on what your priority is, running or weight training. Just make sure you get your nutrients if your gonna jog/lift on the same day, otherwise your weight lifting results will stay down.

Feel free to criticise

good logic jumpman. However I am in a GPP phase so the real emphasis isn’t either running or lifting, it’s getting in shape to train. So if I jog a little longer I should work a bit on my aerobic fitness, drop a few kilos of fat (I’m currently at 10.8% body fat tested through impedance, usually at this time I’m running with 4-5% because of summer) So losing a bit of fat is good. And I keep the weights well within doable range, for example todays session was back squats 5 x 3 and then a few more excercises to get in shape. (a few abs, etc…)

Any input is really well recieved and I hope charlie you can chime in and give me a recommendation for some GPP work. I should look something up, but because I’m constantly in and out of town I don’t get to de pc as much.

Cheers all