More reps for masters?

I’ve followed most of the concepts of CFTS for several years. Now that I’ve hit the half-century mark in age, I’m interested in ideas concerning what concessions, if any, are made for age.

I recently read an article featuring Bill Collins, the top 50+ sprinter in the world, who focuses on higher reps (30+) with lighter weights to guard against injury.

Having had some history of low-back problems, patellar tendinosis and other aches and pains, I can understand why Collins takes this approach.

I still focus on 4 sets of 4-5 reps, doing about 4 different lifts per session – 2 times per week. Not exceptional weight – about 190 bench and clean, a little more for parallel squats and a little less for a push press.

My question is how older participants on this board handle their lifting program. Less weight, more reps as per Collins? Stick with heavier weights and few reps, per CFTS? Or something else?

How old is older? :smiley:

I’m only 41 and stick under 5 reps 95% of the time, the only exceptions being jump squats and the occasional foray to 8 on back squats and have no intention changing in the forseeable future.

As long as the repetitions for weights strengthen the muscles and do not adversely affect your speed, then do either method, heavier or lighter. With Collins being the world’s best for his age, he has found a training strategy that works for him. As long as power is improved, then no one can dismiss the merit of any type of training.