More Clyde Hart Training

Clyde Hart is the absolute king of training for the 400m dash.

And a true class act to top it off…

Even though I have said that Ben johnson’s race was the greatest of all-time. Now overshadowed by A.Powell. And now (not looking through speckled glasses) I can see clearly that MJ’s 200/400 WR’s, particularly his 200 WR, is probably the most impressive race I will probably ever see in my lifetime.

I was at the 96’s games. I was a few rows up from where his shoe landed in the semi’s.

2 WR in the Oly’s, running rounds, quite impressive indeed.

I had a copy of Hart’s 200m training from some time ago I think it was published in Track Coach. Has anyone got a copy? If I remember clearly, MJ started on the 200m training then moved to 200/400m training. Hart’s 400m training is everywhere but can’t find his 200m…hmmm

When was the second WR?? He didn’t break the 400 record, he got the 200 historically, but then if I recall correctly never ran the 4x400 due a hamstring injury sustained in the 200 final.

There is a link to some of his 200m ideas and sample programmes through this link. I am not sure if it contains the programmes you are referring to though.

In 2002, he ran 3rd leg on the 2:55.74 team. It is presently the 4th fastest time ever. However after that race, on that day, it was a WR and remains the OR. A year later, it was improved upon by +1.4 secs @ Stuttgart.

August 26, 1999 400m World Record 43.18

Seville, Spain

Man, look at his first 300m.

He also ran a legendary 42 second 4x400 split.

Mistake, OR, not WR in the 400.

You realize that is the equivalent of seeing Fisk blast one out of the park in game six. You have any pictures from it?

Funny you ask, I was on the curve for the 200 prelims. By the time they got near me, they were gone and all I got was a huge blur of guys going by!

As a teenager, it was very eye opening to see how fast they run in person, and in the prelims!!

If I can find old pics that turned out, I’ll post them

I will not comment other than to say the truth is out there, some of it can even be found on this site. It’s most certainly not in this article.


What exactly do you mean by that? How much different do you think Hart’s actual program is compared to what’s in that article?

The 200m training download is MUCH closer to what MJ did. As with most effective coaches, Hart makes some variations in his program based on the athlete. I’m not sure who does that 400m program, but it’s very old.

I don’t want to get too deeply into the whole Hart/Baylor training issue. It’s been covered on this forum in detail.

I could read the first article, but when I tried to open the second one, I had to connect with a password. Do one have to register to read the articles? Where?

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