modified back extensions

recently i’ve tryed this new movement (at least is new for me, i’ve never seen it before):

instead of doing the classic “hyperextension” movement on the bench, try to do a pelvis retroversion in the ascending phase contracting the gluteus and the abs

a little tip:
it’s important for the pelvis to be far from the supporting pad to give it a way to move freely

this should be a good exercise for those of you who have hyperlordosis problems or weakness in these muscular groups.

any thoughts?

why have you been using that?

is it possible to put up a you-tube clip showing this?

i’ll do it in a couple of days

tnx for the attention

there it is the vid.
in the first few seconds i show the movement that the back has to do

i don’t know if you can understand it well, but at the end of the rep, when the torso is coming up there is a pelvis retroversion.
the knee curling was unwanted

this is another partial version.

i’d prefer to do the pelvis movement staying in an isometric position parallel to the floor.