MJ 87.5% Speed Training?

you forget that everyone’s body works differently. Maybe MJ’s body could only handle once a week max speed, and it took very well to his body type.

that is true, it just seems weird to me. i dont know


It may be time to pull out the figures …

whats does that mean?

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Johnson was some kind of a mutant.

IIRC, MJ said that it took him ten years to go from 21s to the 19.32. People often say, and I do it too, that an given athlete is “so talented/different”, without thinking about the time and effort it took them to achieve these perfomances.


I don’t think they hear you though :shoot::sing:

Dazed are you wearing pink underwear today?

Originally posted by Timothy Lane
Dazed are you wearing pink underwear today?

Sorry Tim, I don’t shop in the same stores as you.

I hate to tell, but I think that someone is pulling your leg.

From my observations MJ never combined SE and volume in this manner. His standard 10x200m session was done in 30sec. with 1:30 rest, as core of a session. If he had trained that morning, that might be the whole session along with W-U and C-D, both of which were very brief btw.

I did see him run 2x200m very fast (sub 21sec.) with 1:30-2:00min rest in flats once. Very impressive!