Minimizing Pain

I have a meet on Wednesday that I pretty much have to run in. I strained my calf about a week and a half ago, and although it’s in stable condition right now (not going to snap suddenly), it is still very painful when I run, and it really affects me, especially in the early acceleration phase of the race (once I get into the race I don’t notice it as much). Can someone please tell me what the best ways to minimize pain on race day are? Painkillers, Antiinflammatories, heat, ice, heat rub, whatever you can think of.

How do you know it’s not going to pull if it hurts that much? You need to see a good therapist to get a qualified opinion and appropriate therapy. If you can get ART that would be the best in the short time available (time for 2 sessions only!). Painkillers can’t make the problem go away and the loop-feedback system in the body won’t let you put it all out there if there’s a problem anyway.

My physiotherapist said there’s not much risk in it pulling again. When I run it doesn’t feel like it’s going to pull, and I didn’t really feel it pull the first time, it just all of a sudden started to hurt very badly, during the day. It’s hard to describe, but I’m 95% sure I can’t do further damage to it. I am aware that painkillers will not make the problem go away, however right now I’m just looking for something to get me through the meet comfortablly. I will look into ART, however it likely won’t be possible to get in for an appointment before Wednesday. Luckily this is only a regional meet, so all I have to do it qualify (For cities, which is on Saturday). IN between the two meets I may be able to get some ART done on it. Until then what’s my best option?

If you’re sure there was no damage (manifested by any bruising), you can apply heat rub, like A535, mixed 50/50 with Aspercream Forte to both calves and wrap them with plastic wrap overnite for the next 2 nights, and stay off them as much as possible till the meet. Use sit-ups and some light weight exercises as your work till then.

Sounds good, I was going to go out and do some extensive tempo tonight, do you think I would be better off replacing that with a bodyweight circuit?

That’s what I’m saying.