Mild Inflammation - ice or heat?

My groin and rectus fem are often tight (I think due to scar tissue) but I can still usually sprint and squat. Due to this very minor inflammation I was wondering whether I could use contrast bathing immedialty after training or whether ice for a few hours first was necessary. I remember Mel Siff once stating that he wondered if people generally use ice too much or for too long, and if beginning contrast bathing or other heat treatments sooner would be more beneficial.

I’m not trying to dodge the issue, but I think it’s more important to address the underlying tissue problem. Otherwise, you’re treating the symptom and not the cause.

I think ice can be overused, but it’s still probably the best initial treatment to control acute inflammation, with heat being applied later to stimulate metabolic exchange and healing. Don’t ice more than 20min at a time, and don’t feel the need to do the whole 20 min. 10 min after training might be enough, with heat applied several hours later or even the next day. I think that’s Clemson’s preferred method. But you really need to fix the tissue. How much flexibility work do you do? Have you had any soft tissue treatment or sports massage done? Have you tried self myofascial release (foam rollers, small balls)?

with years of trouble with my gracilis/add longus and general groin area i would always ice after training or even more soak ina clod bath which i found to be excellent.also i use arnica in tablet form to reduce any inflamation straight after working out

Since this problem has always been in the background and I have had more serious problems to be treated I have never seen a therapist about it - it may be about time. My groin flexibility could be better though.