Mike Vick

Vick to hire Tom Shaw as his performance coach.

he’ll be working like a dog. (Sorry, couldn’t pass that up)

lol Thats pretty damn funny!

Will be interesting to monitor how that goes; although considering the physiological state that he’ll be starting from post lock-up, similar to a novice, almost anything will yield positive results at least for a while.

Speaking in terms of the experience of our guys, the few athletes of ours who have been sent to Shaw since 2007, via their agent for pro day/combine preparation, have returned to us either in the same state as when they left or slower, weaker, and less explosive.

Having gone through a couple rounds of running the combine/pro day training for our guys, I’ve noticed an interesting trend that certain camps have in common. Regarding our guys who are sent away to private training camps, all but 2, since I’ve been here, have returned saying that their trainers told them they were running times 2-3 tenths of a second faster than the truth.

Also interesting to note, a fair amount of initial testing that goes on in these camps occurs just after the athletes are subject to some sort of anaerobic-glycolytic load. This obviously depresses their performance results on the subsequent initial testing and provides the ‘trainers’ with a greater opportunity to ‘develop’ the guys over the weeks to follow.

“What a fool believes…
He sees…
No wise man has the power…
To reason away”

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I don’t know… I’m not into football but I looked into this guy and he seems pretty down to earth…

If you watch this video he even says his priority is agility work not strength training.


Tom Shaw has been training Vick for the past 3 weeks and says he can run a legit 4.4 40yd dash.

Must be a S-to-L programs (how big is a cell anyway?)

Yes - and his flexibility has since improved. He can now reach down and grab his ankles much better than before he went to prison.

Too funny!

This was very good!

4.4 vick?well…losing 2 tenths not bad:)

Lol. :eek:WOW you guys were wrong for that! But hey my grandmother always said TRUTH HURTS!

I thought ankle weights were old school training but did you guys see Vick throwing the ball around in ankle weights, I thought that was funny.

Vick To eagles…wtf

Yes, Yes, YES! WOOT WOOT!:D:):cool: