Mike Rodgers positive


What banned stim is in an energy drink?

Especially one you could get at the club?

lmao. excellent excuse

Or one that we can all figure out he’s lying about really quickly.

If it is something he got from the gas station he has no excuse. That was Merritt’s excuse, being hot on DHEA (I think) which he said he got from an erectile pill.

Love it!!!

I think you’ll find a bunch of energy drinks that have banned stimulants like ephedrine. If Rogers is telling the truth, that’s what will come out in test results.

I think we should honour Charlie by continuing to not discuss anything drug related. It’s a slippery slope.

What’s the deal, I haven’t seen/heard anything from the mods?

I THINK WE NEED TO LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD and so I think it is useful for us to know the news that is commonly known elsewhere. But I do not think further commentary on doping-related issues is required on this forum.

I agree. I m not interested in talking about drugs or positive drug test results on this forum. Sooner learn and talk about coaching, training and races.

RB34…im a moderator on this site and your hearing from me now! stop pushing the rules. this applies to all!! its members choice to stay or go.this site is free thank god and its a wealth of fantastic info for free. why do some guys want to ruin it?

anymore BS talk concerning drugs/drug related news or whatever its bye bye and your IP address will be blocked. if you have any probs PM me directly otherwise STFU and enjoy this amazing wealth of info available to you all for free


Well stated X-Man :slight_smile:

Thank-you X-Man , Izzle and KitKat.