Miami Hurricanes Strength Training

They seem to like Olympic lifts.

legs hard two days in a row?

that’s some volume!

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legs hard two days in a row?

thats the first thing i noticed!:o
any body know what the injury rate is?

i guess when you have so many freaks you can make mistakes.

I heard John Smith say the other day.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

I think they can get away with the volume because they’re working with 18-22 year old genetic freaks who will do well no matter what program they’re on. (Not that the Miami program doesn’t have it’s good points; but the volume is excessive)

Some good choices but have to be overworking some aspects. Why are three leg exercises necessary on same day even with just one set of one-legged squats. Volume is crazy on it’s own and you figure they are doing much running, speed, skill work in correlation with this. Nuts. I’d say in this case what does not kill them makes them injured.

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I heard John Smith say the other day.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

Yeh Nietzsche just got there first …

Maybe he was a sprinter too …

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… I’d say in this case what does not kill them makes them injured.

I like that one - excellent Pioneer

Sarcasim Prize of the Day Award!!

Maybe Miami posted that so other schools will copy that and have many injured athletes?

I think that is Miami’s real program. As has been stated, they are blessed with genetic freaks and there are also a lot of other schools who do really high volume (teams under the supervision of John Davies come to mind).

I agree with pretty much all that you guys have posted. They are working with freaks who will get stronger by doing most anything. It would be good propaganda for them to spread to their competition. So many people are willing to copy word for word programs(of champions) that they cannot come close to handling.

First off, by NCAA rules the Univeristy of Miami cannot give out the actual strength and conditioning program that it uses, so if that is their acutal program it is a NCAA violation and im sure there not that stupid.

I heard that somewhere too and I don’t think it’s a big deal at all. Personally, I’ve met a number of college strength coaches who have been more than eager to show me their programs.
Also, if that rule was really enforced, they would get in trouble just for posting anything no matter if it’s true or not.
Furthermore, the rule I think forbids them from giving out the exact strength and conditioning program that the team goes through. As you can see, the only information here pertains to weight training.

Jesus, can any of you imagine Ken Dorsey trying to get through these workouts? LOL

What was Tom Moffit doing? It looks much different from a few years ago…

It is a question of the chicken or the egg. However, in order to maintain the privacy of coaches and playes, the link is not their training model. Their training is based on a sound periodization model and volume is adjusted throughout the year with the highest amount in the summer months. Again, to maintain privacy without giving too much detail, the principles behind the success of the conditioning program are:

  1. Learning how to compete in a fatigued state.
  2. Being able to display strength in a fatigued state.
  3. Being able to display speed in a fatigued state.
  4. Being able to display all of the above in 100 degree weather with 100 % humidity day after day.

That is the reason they destroy teams in the second half. Other teams have recently tried to model their conditioning programs after Miami without the same success. Nebraska was recently on campus asking questions.

They have next to zero overuse injuries. They have no injuries due to a high volume/unbalanced training program.

Every top 10 Div I program has freaks. However, many of the Miami players come from the Miami high schools and surronding towns. Their is something to be said about the development of those players in South Florida H.S.'s and their desire to play for the Hurricanes. It’s a psychological edge as much as anything.
Combine that with the ability to play football year round due to the nice weather. Other areas of the south have the same weather.
The Miami players that come from the Miami area grow up training and living to become a Hurricane.

Also, they have a very short maximal strength phase. Most of the lifting is done with lighter weights using maximal acceleration. Also as written above, they use a great deal of the Olympic movements and their variations. Again not for max lifts, speed, speed, speed. Much of the training is based first on injury prevention, performance improvement second.

It seems as if they might be cleaning up a bit too. Back in the day, they were nothing but a bunch of thugs. I can even remember my one professor from freshman year (the day before JoePa broke Bear’s record) tell me that when Miami played PSU for the NC of 1986 all of his professor friends and members of the academic world were rooting for PSU. JoePa’s team was all clean-cut and what not and the Miami players spent more time in jail then they did the classroom.

What does that have to do with their conditioning program? Nearly every D I football has its share of athletes in touble with the law.