mesocycle, microcycle etc.?

i am havin a real hard time understanding the concepts of macro meso and microcycles. i am takin the usatf level 1 class at my college in NY and all i understand is that there are 3 macrocycles each that last 4 weeks and 3 phases of the mesocycle. but what kind of training goes where and what. i been lookin through numerous differnt posts and i am so confused. can someone break it down on simpler terms for me so i can get a better understanding. as i said i have been searchin through numerous posts and just do not get it.

microcycle is a week
mesocycle can be a month
annual plan can be a year

It is very confusing. I cant remember past that (LOL). I had an easier time in Trigonometry. Just keep it simple and as long as you know how to periodize, you dont need all the fluffy jargon. I have not used the words since.

The biggest problem with periodization terminology is that it differs slightly from person to person. Microcycles are pretty standard, ranging from 5-10 days, usually a week. Mesocycle and macrocycle are used a number of ways. Some use mesocycle to describe a month or so. Somtimes it’s used to describe a large section of the training (e.g., preparation phase). Some use macrocycle for a training month. Sometimes macrocycle is used to describe an entire year, sometimes it’s used to describe a large training block within the year (e.g., indoor preparation and competition phase). If you’re taking a course, just try to figure out how they’re using each term and tell them what they want to hear. Personnally, I hate periodization terminology because it confuses and overcomplicates what should be common sense thinking.

For sprint training this is my definition.

Microcycle: 1 training week.
Macrocycle: 2-3 training microcycles + 1 recovery microcycle
Mesocycle: A collection of macrocycles designed as a specific training phase.
Bicycle: Something that shouldn’t be used to often as it is not good for sprint mechanics.

I would say I agree with DCW except I would say;

Macrocycle: Is the whole training period. Generally a Year.

Mesocycle: A collection of micocycles designed as a specific training phase. Eg Charlies triple peak (every peak is a mesocycle)

However I’m not sure if that is right especially mesocycle.

Economics use micro and macro in there definitions

See what I mean. Everyone has their own interpretation.

True indeed Flash! Honestly, it is more important to know the principles behind training. I believe that it has its place, but I can tell if a coach has recently been to a training seminar, when every other word ends with “cycle”. :D:D

I only use the words periodisation, m-----cycle to appease the almighty gods.

stuff it. I have recovery, general prep - these involve no throwing at all.

Then 12 week blocks doing my thing.

There added a new word B L O C K :slight_smile:

I usually use the term “training block” too.

I find some coaches can’t handle the words ‘training blocks’

I have also found when talking about m----cycles that people atomatically start thinking about Matveyev (spelling?) and/or volume and intensity approach or the traditional approach to training.

I was actually told my belief in going short to long was wrong. Even for sprinters, jumpers and throwers, by a coach he said I should throw lighter hammers in winter.

Does that sound logically to you.

Microcyle: cyclical sequence of training units that follow the objectives of the mesocycle/macrocycle. 5-10 days long, usually a week.

Mesocycle (Soviets) / Macrocyle (Bompa): group of microcycles with similar objectives (according to the macrocycle/sub-phase). 2-6 weeks long, usually a month.

Macrocycle (Soviets) / Phases and Sub-Phases (Bompa): group of mesocycles with similar objectives. 4-12 weeks long.

Annual Macrocycle (Soviets) = Annual Plan (Bompa).

Quadriennal Macrocycle (Soviets) = Quadriennal Plan (Bompa).

The term “training blocks” is mainly used by Verkhoshansky according to his planning methodology.

Hope this cleared some things up.

Carlo Buzzichelli

Thanks Carlo

Long time no hear.

So we have the soviet school or Bompa school.

I was wrong, meso is between micro and macro.

Micro = little
Macro = big
Meso = in between