Mental preparation whilst on the blocks

Currently at training I am usually one of the quickest in our squad doing starts over 30m. My mental preparation is very focused over this distance.

As soon as we step up to a 60/100/120 i dont maintain this focus. I start thinking about others around me and how they have a higher top end speed. I really struggle to focus on my own race.

Can I have some feedback on ways to maintain focus on the blocks and whilst going through the acceleration phase.

Any advice is appreciated.

There should be no focus. Focus, attitude, heart, determination, and insanity will get you to the starting line. When the gun goes off all you do is run what you have trained yourself to do.

I agree. At my first couple of meets I was so focused in the blocks, or rather focused on the blocks that when the gun went off I panicked and didn’t now what to do. I ended up “jogging” down the track.

Hasn’t Charlie stated that the only thing you should think about in the blocks is what you are going to do after the gun goes off, i.e. flicking your arm up?

Thanks for the reply’s. For some reason it does not happen when I am in a race, only training?, but I will work on flicking the arm up and see if that helps block the surroundings out.

Thanks again.

FOCUS! focusing will happen when faced with any obstacle whether its ina meet or ina street brawl.its a natural state that will have you ina one track mind state,nothing else will matter around you.

you got to forget about your are defeating yourself from the start beacuse you have a thought programme that is telling you that your team-mates will catch and pass you.get that sorted out by visualisation,stay relaxed even if they pass can do nothing about that but you can relax and hopefully maintain TS better.

pick out key points in your race that work and maintain.the 100m maybe the shortest but alot of thought cross even the greatest athletes as carl lewis told me.10seconds feels like ages and many thoughts will cross your mind nothing you can do but to keep the thoughts positive!!!