Melbourne 100m video?

Does anyone have any video of the mens 100m from the Melbourne WAT last night??


Powell didn’t look to get that good a start and not in front till 40m.

Is it just me, or has Powell lengethend his stride?
Previous seasons his stride has looked a little ‘choppy’ - but it gets the job done. From about 40m onwards (when he gets in front) it really looks like he is making a consious effort to lengthen - flicking out from the knee a bit.
Is this the influence from Usain massive stride? Is it really necessary?

video is private only! Can’t watch it

i hope he is not trying to extend the leg for a longer stride

I noticed this as well. It didn’t look like his normal stride.

So now what’s the better indicator of his form. An amazing 45.9 400m run or a 10.23 into a huge 1.4 headwind.:slight_smile: note sarcasm

I’ve seen it before in his early races. Indicates tight quads to me.

Conditions where nasty, very cold and headwinds. It was 10.0 run in normal conditions, the aussie starters all ran .20 slower than their usual race times throughout the season.

Baring injuries Asafa will run 100/200 pbs this year, I have no doubts.