JAAA war has started

Mills is the head coach of the Jamaican contingent, just like last year.

You are correct regarding Rolle and Stewart but I was unaware of Ms. Lucas. I believe TJer Leevan Sands is also at Auburn…Oh and Shamar Sands (110H) too.

Glen Mills is preparing his athletes the way he wants and the way he does routinely and Franno wants to do the same. no surprise there surely.
Glen Mills wouldn’t want to hand Bolt over to Franno or anyone else at the last minute either, but he doesn’t have to worrry about that now.
Bolt had his share of troubles during the time when he had a number of injuries. We can only speculate if those throubles were aggrivated by JAAA staff then, when the popular theme was that Bolt had to get rid of Mills.
I’m pretty sure Mills has his own stories he’d prefer to keep to himself at this point.

I guess I can’t imagine Mills prescribing workouts for Frater as I would expect Mills (if anyone) to understand the importance of ones own personal coach. I sometimes wonder if it’s more of an issue that Franno cannot be there to make a modifications to the training as needed in the days leading up or to simply provide comfort and stability to the athlete’s psychy.

Just a thought…:slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s Mills they needed to worry about but Mills has his own crew to look after and wouldn’t want to interfere on behalf of people he isn’t directly involved with.
Remember, every country has a set number of credentials. For every coach of an athlete they leave out (Franno, etc) there is space for a JAAA crony with an agenda to attach their name to athletes they didn’t produce and without the knowledge to leave well enough alone.

I would think that the change to a new location, training environment, and presumably therapists in the final stages is as offending as not being able to be present for Franno and other coaches who don’t like the training camp idea.

One level oh hyracy too many.

I don’t go to uni, do your own spellcheck.

Ya I see, but what are you referring to exactly by Mills having his own stories?

To the point comments there… :wink:


How he was getting backstabbed by others who wanted to wrestle Bolt away from him.
As aggrivating as it no doubt was for him, he needs to play the game now to keep the position that lets him do his job.

It is the JAAA who have brought the sport into disrepute, either through their own stupidity, arrogance, misdirection (either accidentally or god forbid, intentionally). Put yourselves on trial, but I suspect the jury of public opinion has already concluded their verdict: death by duplicity.

While we’re on the subject of training camps, I remember the Jamaican training camp in London during the 1980 Olympic year. The athletes were dumped into a youth hostile and fed stale spagetti for breakfast. Of course the JAAA types were at the Queen’s Hotel down the road. Don Quarrie showed up, and was quickly spirited away to the Queen’s. The Trinidadian athletes were stuck there as well until Hasley Crawford showed up. When the Brit officials tried to move him the the Queens, he said: “I’m not going anywhere till you move everyone out of here. I stay or we all go.”
So Hasley got everyone moved including the Jamaicans but DQ didn’t lift a finger.
I won’t even get into all the rip-offs Merlene Ottey endured that first European season beyond saying that she called Angella Taylor to ask if she could get her some shoes. This was AFTER her first Bronze in Moscow.
I called around on her behalf and discovered that shoe companies had been sending tons of shoes to the federation for her but she never got any (she was at Nebraska by then). I was the one who called Nike and set up her first shoe contract.

I guess Campbell-Brown has something to say as well concerning management of the JA contingent.

It appears the JAAA is the best thing USA sprinters have going for them right now, Allyson Felix excepted.

I prefer your link, she is no fool…


VCB is not part of MVP yet she has the same story about the training camp and notification abd whether it was mandatory or not. Hmmm.

Unfortunately, Franno has given away some of his ground by getting into a mudslinging match with JAAA. This can go nowhere but down for all concerned. If he just let his results do the talking, he would have put JAAA in a very difficult position to come after MVP. Now the door is open and JAA will use his comments as justification- and then more comments, and then… you get the idea.

Doesn’t add much if anything to what has already been posted here, but perhaps fills out the picture somewhat

TrackAlerts had reported…
Campbell-Brown walks out on Jamaica’s team in Berlin

BERLIN – World Championships 200m silver medalist Veronica Campbell-Brown has walked out on Jamaica’s team ahead of today’s 4×100m final.

TrackAlerts.com was reliably informed that after Campbell-Brown was told she would not be allowed to run the anchor leg, she decided to pack her bags and leave the warm-up area.

Campbell-Brown, who was rested for the heats, won her third straight silver medal on Friday, running 22.35 seconds to finish second behind American Allyson Felix.

“She stormed out of the meeting where they were discussing the relay set-up and said she is not running any 3rd leg,” we were told…

However, Neville Myton, Campbell-Brown’s mentor in an interview with TVJ, conveyed her decision to pull out of the team.

“She said she told them the team is running well and all she practised at the camp (in Nuremberg) was running the anchor leg…so she did not see any reason now to disrupt the team.”

Without Campbell-Brown, the quartet of Simone Facey, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Aleen Bailey and Kerron Stewart ran 42.06 to win gold ahead of the Bahamas (42.29).

Why all track federations around the world are run by stupid people??I cannot believe what VCB affirmed on the interview!

Don Quarrie really showed how totally he’s gone over to the “other side”. He is JAAA through and through.
Imagine an official in his position having a tantrum and airing dirty laundry in public and it’s just this kind of thinking that will be employed against MVP very shortly.