Rips Training Journal


Squat 7x5 220

Hardest day, but not too hard. Last set was worst though, still went up fast.

Squat 10x3 235; most draining day yet :confused:
Pushups 4x25
Wide Pullups 3x10
Lat Pulldown 3x10 140

Did about 30-40 dunks on 8’3
Avg about 35" probably hit 40" a few times.
Best I have ever jumped after squatting.

I figured for some proof I’d post some dunks from early July. It was outside so these are between 40-43 inches.

is 8’3 the net height? is that a 10 foot rim in the picture?

I dont know what net is, its around 9’ though. Rim is 10

I only dunk on 8’3 at the gym because one of the rims is that low and I don’t feel like raising it. Also I’m letting my ankle heal. But in a few weeks I’ll post new dunks on 10’

Squat 4x9 215
Calf Raise 170 3x10 really easy
DB Bench 45 3x8
DB OHP 35 3x8
DB row 60 3x8

Afterwards I was flying. Got around 42, and 40 avg. On the 8’3 rim I got my neck to it. I did a 2 foot dunk from the freethrow line (Tdub esque)
Tried some dunks from an oop on 10’, timing was bad and so was oop so i missed them. But I was getting around 6-7 inches above rim.
Despite this being high freq squats meant to destroy me, I’m responding amazingly to it. Jumping 42" after squatting during this program is unbelievable.

Keep up the good work. I’ve always found that lifting before jumping has a residual effect. A while ago I was doing my sets of cleans and a vertec was near by, just messing around I tested my vert between sets and found that I was hitting 2-3 inches higher. It probably had a complex effect on the jumping.

Be careful, although this method will work incredibly well, performance may plateau and then decline if a proper down period isn’t followed. Whats your down week set up like? 3 hard 1 easy?

Well yours was probably a stimulation effect. Adarqui developed an iso stim method and it seems like you had that same effect with cleans.

It will look like 3 weeks heavy, then 4th week testing, then move onto low frequency/moderate-high volume squatting and jumping.

On the 4th week I’ll have 5-6 days off before testing anything.

I can’t believe I long jumped 15 feet off a 2 foot jump with a runup of only 5 steps.

I’m going to test my sprints sometime in the next few weeks. Based on my strength and jumping ability what do you think would be a good time to shoot for, for the 100m?
I don’t like asking questions like this…

So just like 12 hours after being the sickest I’ve ever been in my life I decided to lift. It was a bad cold. lol

Squat- 225 5x7
Pushups 4x27
Wide Pullups 2x11
Lat Pulldowns 2x10 150

So after lifting I went and did some dunks on 8’3 got my head about 8" above the rim max; which would be about 40". Weird thing is that when I was jumping on 10’ I was getting 2" above the rim. Which is terrible. It doesn’t make sense only getting 36". Crying or Very sad

It’s not bad because I used to never get that high after lifting, but on the 10’ jumping just felt really weird.

Before lifting: 148lbs!!! I weigh 148! Last Saturday i was 135

Jumped and got 4 inches above the rim

Squat 7x5 240; hard, last 2 set I only took 1 breath between reps, I found it easier
Seated Calf Raise 3x10-5-5 90
DB bench 3x10 50
One Legged Calf Raise 3x30
OHP 3x8 65
Calf Raise 5x20 90
Toe Raise 3x20 45

Wide Pullups 50 *
Pushups 100 *

*= I’m going to do those everyday

Squat 10x3 250 Went up easy, nice and deep
Lat Pulldown 2x10 160
Wide Pullups 50
Pushups 100

Before lifting;
Ankle Jumps 2x20
One Leg Side to Side 2x20
Depth Drops 24" 2x4

Squat 4x9 230
DB bench 3x8 55
DB row 3x8 60
OHP 3x8 70
Calf Raise 3x10 170

Jumping like 34 max right now. Going to squat thursday and friday. Do 5x7 then 10x3.

Done with smolov; all I did was the base cycle and I didn’t even finish it. It was easy yet I need to rest for basketball. So I’ll have 5-6 day s of rest and by then I should be flying! Today I got 38-40", which is nice.
I was going to lift today but I wasn’t feeling it, so I decided to play basketball and jump.

So I went in and did some light lifting and light jumping. I did 2 36-38" running vertical jumps, a 31" standing vertical jump, and a 2xbw squat. Body weight of 141.5

I did about 10 jumps before squatting(7 on a lower rim), I would have done more, maybe got the 40 icon if i was more warmed up, but I didn’t want to be exhausted for the squats.

Squat 2x3 275
Seated Calf Raise 90 3x10
One Legged Calf Raise 3x20
Calf Raise 5x10 200

Squat 3x3 225
Squat 3x8 95
12" step up 2x6 185
Bench 3x3 135
Row 3x3 75
Calf Raise 3x10 180 10 second rest

Damn, I don’t know what to say… I have good news and bad news.
Good News
I’m above my old self…
I jumped like 42-44" at a gym I’ve never jumped over 42. I threw down some nasty dunks, one miss flew high and far off backboard.

Bad News
I think I’m getting some jumpers knee. I have to chill with all the jumping, so no unnecessary jumping like today. No jumping for like a week though.

What kind of therapy or recovery methods do you have access to?

Sorry I’ve been sick for awhile, but I iced it.

I have sauna/steam room, i think some walmart type bands at my gym, that’s probably it. Just basic stuff…