Meets with heats and finals on same day

When computing the number of 100 or 200’s to your peak, do meets with heats and finals in the same day count as 1 or 2 runs?

For me it would count as two. Becuase I do feel that my form raises from race to race and not from day to day

How many runs of each does ot usually take to peak?


i reckon it relates to every athlete, training age, level of fitness, how much prepared they are etc…

Charlie, what is your take on this?

Do a search, this has been covered many times by Charlie. I believe the number was around 10 for 100m., 6 for 200m. and 4 for 400m.

I assume my question was considered too stupid to be answered, so I’ll go with what I assumed initially, which is that we’d count it as two runs to the total. Although physiologically for a low level athlete multiple runs in a same day won’t really fatigue the CNS much compared to a high level athlete. That’s why I thought that maybe for a lower level athlete a multiple runs in a same day might count as one run, regardless of the extra competition experience gained by more runs.

I wish I was ever able to do anything between 6 - 10 100m races to peak. I always get injured and never get the chance to run anything more than 2 - 3. Sometimes I never got a chance to run anything through the season. And the most was 9 races and I was quite lucky to be ok through the season. But to say the truth. Raceing is where all the fun comes in this sport. I believe I’m loosing a lot.