Meet schedule - which meets should I run in to peak for march?

Here is the meet schedule with the events that I’d be running. Which races do you think I should run in?

I want to be running my best for the Masters championship meet in March.

Jan. 10 (2004)
Sharon Anderson Memorial
Toronto (UoT)
Run the 60 meter

Jan. 18 Ontario Masters Mini-Meet #1 (open to non-Masters as well) Toronto (TTFC)
Run the 50 meters

Jan. 25
Ontario Allcomers Meet I
Run the 60 meter

Feb. 1 Ontario Masters Mini-Meet #2 (open to non-Masters as well) Toronto (TTFC) K
Run the 60 meters

Feb. 8
Ontario Combined Events Championships and Allcomers 2
Toronto (TTFC)
Run the 60 meters

Feb. 15 Ontario Masters Mini-Meet #3 (open to non-Masters as well) Toronto (TTFC) K
Run the 50 meters

Feb. 28 Phoenix-Variety Village Allcomers Meet #2 Toronto (VV) F
Run the 60 meters

March 6 Ontario Indoor Masters Championships Toronto (TTFC) K (The BIG Meet)
March 6-7
Run the 50 meters


I say run these…

Chris - I can’t think of any reason ( other than fatigue which I’m sure you’ll monitor ) why you shouldn’t run them all - it’s competition that’s gonna get you running at 100% and get you faster -

Until you get back to the times you’ve posted in the past ur just relearning ur trade - treat these meets as training sessions - less pressure / more fun

I’m in the same boat really but only got to get down to 11.5 territry ( damn where’s me dictuinary lol ) to = former PB’s

Just my opinion but I ran 16 meets last year , learnt something new from each one , and wished I’d run more .

I’m gonna do the same this year - I’m still to0 young for BM nationals m40 this year due to my late birthday

Go for it and good luck

However, it may be good to run meets for experience and good training, but what about overtraining? I ran about 16 meets last year and was fried. Your CNS can’t handle 100% running all the time and running 100% every week or two for 2 months will fry the CNS. Pick 4-5 little meets to use for conditioning and experience so you’re fresh as can be for your peak.

Were you running short sprints 400stud or 400s? Big difference between 50’s and 60s and 400s :slight_smile:

Both…I ran with my school and I was doing a 200, 4x4, 400 and either a 100 or 4x1 every week or so. Sometimes I’d run 4 400’s in a week. But, either way, for quality I’d say lower the # of meets. The only good thing about running lots of 50’s and 60’s would be techinical practice and experience, but remember that a 60m is more stressful on the CNS than the 400, so you have to take that into account as well.

Point taken 400 stud -
mebbe every week for 2 months is too much - it’s even possible enthusiam may suffer a little - but as there’s no SE involved in this case I think as long as Chris monitors his recovery and adjusts according to how he’s feeling then there should be no problem - take it on a weekly basis do the ones you feel prepared for.

I think he’d benefit from being around other athletes after training alone for so long . Distances travelled to meets should of course be taken into account as well as whatever outside commitments develop along the way .

Actually - after 16 meets I was fried too lol - felt like something was gonna fall off if I ran a 17th - but I did PB right up till and including the last race

Hopefully some of the Sprint guru’s will give some advice on this one ?

Meets are all about 15 minutes from my house so it is easy to get to them. Convincing my wife to let me run all of them will be another thing entirely haha!

I was thinking maybe running 4 meets previous to the big one. (5 total)

I dont think that will be too stressful :slight_smile:


That’s better.

400Stud check out my journal. snelkracht has provided some awesome advice that you might find helpful.

Thanks, I read it.

Rather than start a new thread about this, I’ll just continue it in yours Chris :smiley:

What events do you guys think I should run at what meets? Parenthasis (sp?) is what I planned on running.

January 31 - Regulation Meet (indoor events) (60/400)
February 15 - Indoor Classic (60/200)
March 13 - Regulation Meet*** (200/400)
March 20 - Willie Williams Classic (College meet) (200/400)
April 3 - Phoenix Invitational (100/200)
May 1 - Regulation Meet (400)
May 22/23 - USATF State Championships (prep meet for JO’s) (100/200)
June 5/6 - State JO’s* (100/200/400**)
June 19/20 - Grand Canyon State Games (not big) (100/200)
June 30-July 4 - Age Group Nationals* (400 and possibly 200…need 2 qualify)
July 14-17 - Regional JO’s* (400 and possibly 200…again if I qualify)

    • Peak meet
      ** - I’m only running the 100 at State JO’s because it’s like a warm up. The way it’s setup is the 200 in the morning session, the 100 and 400 at night and the 100 is right before the 400, but there’s about 10-15+ heats of 100m before my 400m. I don’t like going into a 400 cold which is why I want to run 100 to loosen up and get rid of some jitters. I did it last summer and it worked well cos I wasn’t all tight and nervous.
      *** - I will only run at this meet if I can’t get into the Willie Williams meet.

There are a couple of other meets I could potentially run at here and there, but I picked these because it gives me adequate rest between meets and adequate amount of time to train and fix any deficiencies before I race again (in most cases).

Thanks for the help.


Well I would take a break between indoors and outdoors. Where you are running 400’s I am not sure of the recovery requirements. I have read that it only takes 3-4 meets to peak for 400s but I have no first hand experience. Take into account CNS recovery between meets though :slight_smile:


Do em all stud :wink: lol

No seriously - they’re well spaced so gauge on form / condition at the time - I must admit at my standard I’m still following the ‘beginners should race at every opportunity’ idea from CF 1 so not really qualified to comment -

u seem pretty well in touch with ur own training and approach so trust to ur gut feeling

Thanks guys. I’ll be running all of those meets and probably the events listed as well, but I have one question for Chris…when you say 3-4 meets to peak for 400m, is that 3-4 400m races not including any other meets where you don’t run the 400m, or is that 3-4 meets period?

3-4 meets at your chosen distance. (In your case 400’s) :slight_smile:

Alright, thank you Chris.