Med Ball Overhead throws

I just started doing these.

Anyone have a video clip that shows how it should be done?

what kind of numbers per session for med ball throws approx and rest periods?


lol umm

what i meant was rest between sets and reps when doing the throws… should there be any?
does that make sense?

well since I train alone, there is always some time between reps, since I have to go get the ball after each throw.

I did 5 sets of 3 throws last session. 2mins rest between each set

Col, where are you doing them and what sort of ball are you using?

I do mine with one of those rubber ones and thrown it against my house so it rebounds back, therefore the rest between reps is minimal. I do it like a soccer throw in. For backwards scoops I just hold on to the sucker. :smiley:

I do the following as part of my warm up.
3 sets continuous 4 reps each set.
backwards scoop
side to left (as in a rugby pass)
side to right.

There is a clip floating around somewhere actually - guess you must have missed it :slight_smile:
Used a 12lb Nike medball. It’s solid rubber and looks and feels like a BBall.
12lbs is pretty heavy!

first time doing em, so form is rusty. The way I did em, I threw the ball backwards, which while not the same as throwing it directly upwards like a snatch, has its own thing, certainly works the upper bopdy, abs and erectors much harder!
Timing is not quite right yet, I basicly jumped and then threw in mid air, so that’s why my core was hurting :slight_smile:

You have to release the load if you want to generate maximal power, otehrwise you might as well do power snatches :smiley:

PS - we beat you guys :wink:

I haven’t seen the clip as I have just joined here.

My MB is 3kg, one of those small bouncy ones with a weight in it, so yours would be heavy being twice the weight.

I meant to put chest pass in the routine as well, guess the shock of last night is still affecting me…gee thanks for reminding me :frowning:

Look on tmag for the clip :slight_smile:

Found it, very arty video esp with the grass fluttering away :smiley:

The few times I have done them in a field like that I have gone more for a combo of distance and height so got a later release than what it looks like you get. Yours appear more of a throw up, make sense? I did back throws x 12 then front throws x 12 so really only 1 set. I have read of people who throw run to ball, throw etc to increase the work out put, that may not be optimal in your case with a heavier ball.

well the grass happened to be in the way :slight_smile:

This was the first time doing em, so you can see I was getting better as the reps went on. Last one looked best, but I should be throwing it higher

How do you find the clip from t-mag?

to clemson

this medicine ball thread got me thinking about about what you keep reitterating,…you claim most people do not do med ball throws right, how should they be performed safley to avoid wrist problems?

i did them for the forst time this summer and felt a lot of wrist pain that went away (the wirst pain would only come to my attention when doing chin ups).

basically i want to make sure that i am not doing some key things wrong.

Form on the medball throws much better today, than last session :slight_smile:
Still a bit scared that it will land back on me :smiley:

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