Med Ball Accelerations

Usually would be on Speed days but during GPP they can be done other days because the overall CNS stimulus is only building - this is explained on the GPP Download - the the graph with the “wave like” spikes showing the growing stimulus.

Another question is if you go out to 15-20m, for example, are those distances included in accounting for total sprint volume?

It depends on the running velocity. The harder the accel after the throw, the more likely you might include it in the weekly speed vol. With easier accels after an aggressive throw, you’re more likely to consider it as part of the weights equation.
In the GPP, exposure intensities of the speed and the accumulation weights make it likely that you wouldn’t need to subtract MB work from either equation.

Charlie, would you agree that the most important factor of the med ball throws with a run out is to focus on the correct angle of the body on release of the ball and not worry too much about the speed of the run.

Well, extention. Let’s say the landing surface is hard and you need to modify the angle or you’ll kill your wrists. You can still get full extention by going out at a higher angle, then landing on the feet and then down to the push=up position (like a burpee)- not ideal but better than a wrist injury.

I agree, thats what I try and coach angles/tech and speed is not as important on the mb drills because we are only coming out for a couple steps.

Angle of the throw or angle of the start? If it’s the angle of the start, I agree. That’s why the butt is down and the position is extended in the4 push-up position of the start. You start lower/deeper than normal.

Yes, I am talking about the angle of the start position.

Thanks Charlie that makes sense but sorry if I haven’t made myself clear. I meant while doing the med ball throw + run from a standing position and after the hop, not med ball accelerations 1 and 2.

The angle there would prob be 50d or so, but, if the field is slippery, you’d need to release at a higher angle.

would it be feasible to do the Med acc 1 & 2 on a hill, so when diving into a push up postion, you dont have far to drop? Then you have to acc up a hill. Maybe you could incorporate both elements of Gpp, hill runs with med ball acc start?

I do this sometimes. Not sure what the pros and cons are but I would be interested in hearing Charlie’s take on it. I still do my hill runs as normal, I just do the med ball throws on a hill instead of flat.

Be careful of the ball rolling back down at you!

yeah, i was thinking that

i might just have to spot the guys and remove the ball myself before they run to that spot - or catch it and move out of the way

Thanks Charlie, and tamfb, we have been emphasising the 45 degree angle of the body from back of head to heels on release of the ball rather than trying to drive out hard after release. My group found it easier to focus on the angle if less emphasis on speed after release.

Charlie do you use the MB acc 1/2 and MB hop drills with your advance athletes?

With advanced athetes, these drills tend to be concentrated during training camps on grass, mixed with shorter accels and speed change drills, which also work best on grass

Thanks, I was curious because I have been using them with my athletes for several yrs and there strength is there ability to accelerate is it still beneficial to continue with these drills in GPP since the ability to acc is there strength or should we move on to regular Mb throws and jumps in GPP?

OHB 6-8
height 6-8
squat throw 6-8
1 hop 6-8
2 hop 6-8

Acc 1 x8
Acc 2 x8

When I had the option to do 2x/day, in GPP and into the early SPP, I kept a limited number of MB accels in the AM most mornings.
The numbers were low enough not to be a problem that way, but later in the SPP, they’d have to be done the AM of an afternoon speed session for up to mid level sprinters but prob dropped for top level sprinters except during grass sprint training as I mentioned before.
Another option for top sprinters would be:
Start off AM daily, then AM of speed day, then briefly AM of day AFTER afternoon speed, then dropped. This case might arise when there will be a long GPP/SPP period or when weather isn’t cooperating to allow speed to rise as much as planned or if injury has held down speed for a while.

Thanks, great ideas. I never thought about performing MB accels ED.

this is with two a day training, separated by at least 4hrs, allowing for better recovery overall.