Med Ball Accelerations

Sorry for such a dumb question :o but are Med Ball accelerations throwing the ball and running after it (e.g. the section before the squat throws on the DVD) or the jump to press up position throws? I didn’t notice that terminology being mentioned.

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The jump forward into the push-up (press-up) position with acceleration.

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I tired these yesterday and they are harder than they look especially the tripple hops. Maybe I was using too heavy a Med Ball. How do you decide how heavy it should be?

Do you do it by %BW or how far/fast you can throw it. I was using 6Kg at BW of 74Kg. What is the maximum?

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Five or six K is prob fine for you. Make no mistake, this can be a tough workout.

perhaps you can stay at 1-2 hops first with proper technique (i.e., full extension) before moving to the more advanced one

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Yeah, I am going to stay with the 2 hop drill. I can get to about 8 reps out of 10 before fatigue sets in after 2 sessions. As i become more coordinated I’m sure I will find these easier but they are definitly harder than i thought.

Another question: how far do you run out after the throw and do you try to do this as quickly as possible? I can’t tell from the GPP vid how far or hard she is running out because it is cut short.

Do you include these run outs in the total volume of sprint work if done on a speed session? 50x10m is already 500m!

I run out until I catch the ball, which was i’m guessing close to 10m or a little further.

Release and chase don’t try and pause.

Since it is a high intensity element, Charlie I’m guessing you do add this to the total volume of sprint work.

She’s running out about 15 meters. You’re not likely to do 50 reps- more like 2 or 3 sets of 10. You’ll see where she becomes limited after the two hop drill as well The GPP DVD gives you a clear picture of how to do it.

the distance is about right, 10-15 m
i also found that you don’t need to do the whole number of reps; i mean it’s a matter of personal preference, but the point is you execute them correctly;

additionally, you might find later on that good nembers of these drills might interfere with any planned plyometric sessions on the day and/or week, as everything counts especially later in the season…

i’ve never included these to the total number of track reps and i let the intensity go as high as i could on the day; they were always as good “warm-up” drills anyway…

hope this helps!

As further clarification, the hop throws have a run-out but it doesn’t score anywhere on the intensity scale compared to the accels from the med ball squat throw and roll back, roll up into squat throw + accels.

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Thats really cleared things up for me.



do any of you know where i can find the thread talking about sub for the med ball acc? bc someone ask about the impact on the shoulders and arms when doing med ball acc if you couldnt get to grass

so is there any other drill i could use to replace the med ball acc bc i cant do them, the impact hurt my shoulder (returning from a shoulder/chest injury). i was thinking bout just during the drill without dropping into the pushup stance.?

You could replace it with the hop throws that you see Ange doing in the GPP DVD (single, double, triple hop throws.)

i am following your 7 week gpp and i am already during those drills as you have listed on the graphs, squat throw, 1 - 2 - 3 hop. what do you think about lean fall med ball acc and hop back med ball acc?

Not sure what you mean but there is one thing I’d be careful of, and that’s the falling underhand forward throws. while these are specific, it is easy to injure the tendons up under the butt, especially if the ball is too heavy for the individual.

i meant that i am already during the drills you recommended the hops with mb etc because those drills are already included in your 7 week plan. the fall lean starts are little different from the ones you are talking about. lean fall starts you will hold the med ball eye level, lean until you are bout to fall while you throw the mb and acc out, hope that make sense. they are very similar to this :

Simmilar to squat throw (squat position, explode – triple extension – run out 15m) I was thinking to use simmilar exercise for athletes who need “lateral acceleration” — lateral starts (squat position, lean toward the side you want to run, after loosing balance, push from leading foot, cross another-one in front, run)

Take a look at the picture…

I thinked to try this one with my kids, but they still lack skill in more fundmental throws (backward, forward, squats…) so I didn’t tryed!

Yes. Work forward and backwards throws first!

Thanks Charlie!
Do you think this have some usage with lateral starts/agility (soccer, basketball, baseball) or it is just one example of “paralysis by analysis”? Would “ordinary throws” be enough?