Med Ball Acceleration?

I think i am coming into the landing position wrong when doing medball throws, or i am not using a heavy enough ball. My problem is, when i explode from the squat postion i fly pretty far foreward and after i extend and release the medball, i have to bring one leg up to help cushion my landing. Should i be exploding that far foreward? I am using a 4kg ball, i only weigh 145lb. Its the same when i do just the throws or the throws to acceleration from push up position (this makes getting into the push up position tough because i have to recover from the landing). Whats the deal?

Are you supposed to fall into a push-up position after you throw, then get up and sprint?

Yeah, thats the idea. But my feet come off the ground after i explode and release the med ball, which makes falling into a push up position tough.

What if you exploded more forward instead of upward. Would this help?