Measurements..Forum members PR's (pb's) etc.

Had a look for some forum members PR’s for Veritcle jump, 5-10bounds, Standing LJ , Triple jump etc and thought might be best to start a thread to share that info. (just out of curiosity)

What are some members methods of measuring improvement in strenght/power etc?

I’ll start it off,

Jump mat (electronically measured) in cm
Counter movement jump - 70 (25.5 in)
static jump (with arms) - 62 (24.4in)
static jump (no arms) - 58 ( 22.8in)

Verticle jump board - 75 cm (one arm reach) (29.5)

10 bound - 38metres - (124.8 ft)
STJ - 10.45m - (34ft approx)
SLJ - 3.08m - (10.1ft)



I like the vert jump, power snatch and power clean for measuring explosiveness.

Vert jump 36"
power snatch 120 kg
power clean 150 kg

6 feet tall
205 lbs (92kg)

I would like to try the SLJ though!


take that back,

just measured my 10 bound at 46.70m…big improvement on last years!

any other jumpers on the forum measure 10 bounds?

cheers tomo1

Thats massive bounding there. How many running strides are you off? Anyway its still big no matter what!!

46.70/10 = 4.67 per step: 5-step = 23.35m. Considering the speed slowing you down with each step, I would say there is a flying 10-12 step approach. And still, it would be rather impressive. Did you measure it correctly? :wink: If so, good job!

Good job for sure … I know a 17.50 TJer, 2 17.3m TJers (1 of which is an olympic medalist, 2 are Commonwealth/European Champs the other all Oly finalists) a 8.5m LJer and a 8.3m LJer (One is an olympic medalist and the other a finalist) and none of them could get within 3m of this. You should give TJ a go, you could prolly jump over 18 and a half. Nice one.

haha…would be nice to jump 18.50m!

I am a triple jumper…havent jumped since last year , been concentrating on training like a beast and catching the leading jumpers in my country. Only managed to jump around 16m last year with no ply’s, or jump training. and my 10bounds last year was measured at the distance stated in the first post (38m).

do you have any measurements of any of the athletes you ‘know’ for reference?



Was a trot in of around 3/4 strides. what measurements have you used for reference llenny?


If you only had a 3-4 step approach, and managed 46.70 … perhaps check the measurement again, especially since you did 38m last year.

I mean 25m with 5-steps is achievable (but rather impressive in my book) if you have a really fast approach, and still, you will have trouble to keep the last two steps close to 5 meters. Now, to manage almost 5m per step for all 10 steps… sounds a bit peculiar.

I’m almost certain you did a mistake in counting the steps: perhaps 11 after all? Now, 46.70 with 11 steps sounds better (and still very good). It’s actually very common to make that mistake; the tenth step will be at landing, not takeoff.

Yep I do, but the only stats you need to be worried about is how far you can hop, step and jump. At the end of the day, thats all that matters.

6-8 str run in & my best is 38.40m. Best TJ is 15.76m. Havent done this test in years, so may do it as a test again later in the year.

You can add in 4 time olympic medallist to that list too Dazed (3 gold, 1 silver). His best was around the 44-45m mark for 10 bounds. His best TJ was 17.44m