Has anyone used the valeo brand mb?

Sturdy rubber construction with a textured surface for superior grip

Durably built to bounce off hard surfaces

I got mine from walmart about 5 years ago. Its 10lbs filled with sand. It dont bounce but it has lasted this long.

i got a nike mb from sports authority and it bounces and has held its shape perfectly. The grip is good as well id definately recommend nike’s.

Any thoughts on First Place Elite?


How heavy is it?

Do you think 8lbs would be too light?

8lbs but they go up to 15 i think.

i guess depending on your strength level you might want to go higher. im not the strongest guy.

Very good MB’s. We have these at our gym. We have ones up to 30 pounds. Very bouncy good grip.

Kool, I see they offer a 3yr warranty.

I agree, I have a 11lb ball now and when I’m training on the indoor track I damn near hit the roof top.

Yea 8 is too light. 10 is great. I can thow it easily when Im not tired but after some sprints it gets tough. Plus it only cost like 10 bucks