My quest for 6.7

Down week this week. I’m cursed with this weather. It was an ok looking day but as soon as I got to the track it started to rain and got cold again.

5x20m block starts

1x100m 10.63s

1x150m 16.47s- Hit a massive head wind on the straight.

Starts felt good and it was nice to be outside for a change.

8x over head back throws with the shot

15x depth jumps

3x3 cleans @ 225

Pretty relaxed and easy session.

You gonna be so rusty. I took 2 months off and paid for it. Is that a good 150 time, look like 11.0-1.

Got no choice there arent any races around here. A little rust can be good.

Its an ok 150 time. Could be much faster though. I went 16.3s the other day and was looking for a better time today.

16.47 in like a -2 wind.

What happened to your log? You stop logging? How have the races been going?

I’ll start back soon, they wanted me to layoff. This outdoor season has been Ok, injuries can be a bitch. I have 2 more meets to my spring season before I open my summer season with 6-8 meets.

Cool, look forward to reading it again.

My body feels so loaded. I got lucky because I am not doing much the next couple weeks but starts.

This week:
Mon: Full warmup
Tue: 2x40,throws and weights (hs/jsq/bp)
Wed: Rest
Thur: Full warmup
Fri: 100/200

Next week:
Mon: 2x30,throws and bp 2x2
Tue: Rest
Wed: Full warmup
Thur: 100/200

How are you timing your sprints in training? Marks like 10.63 and 16.47, I suppose it’s not HT but you’re using timing gates or similar setting?

I’m sure it’s HT.

Yup Hand timed. From time to time I get some gates but that is rare.

My timing method:

Hold the stop watch in hand. Stand at whatever distance I’m running (100, 150 ect…). Timing is started first and then the run starts. Almost like a reaction to the beep of the stopwatch but since I know its coming the reaction isnt very long.

Once in a while a friend times me and I tell them to get first step instead just because it makes it more consistent when comparing to other times.

Not sure how accurate this method is (probably not very), but I have found that hand timing fly’s are not too bad.

Ok. That’s how I’m used to do it too. I just thought maybe it’s not HT because you declared hundredths too, it’s not that precise for sure. However the timing method is not so important as long as you keep using the same method, in that way marks are fairly well comparable at distances 100+.

Today: 8 Celcius/50 F and pouring rain

It wasnt completely shitty when I got there. Just spitting a little so I did my 230m then it started to pour and figured I was already half way through and might as well finish.

230m- 26.5s
150m- 16.43s

Ran with a training partner and he pulled up after 50m of the 230m, so I kept looking back while running to see what was up. He saw a football flying towards him and stalled and tweaked his hamstring in the process.

Squats 1x10 @ 225lbs, 1x10 @ 295, 1x10 @315
Weight hip thrusts 3x10 @ 205lbs
Bench Press 2x8 @ 245lbs
Pull ups 2x10

Hit my seasonal goal for squats for reps of 10. Next goal is 5x405lbs and I’m not too far off from that.

I just found out that the bobsleigh tryouts are coming to my town and was asked to come and tryout. I figured I would seeing as its mostly running stuff and that it will be a good opportunity to get some some stuff electrically timed. The tests are

30m/30m fly- separately timed in a 60m
5 double leg bounds
Power clean
Front squat

I’ll take the lifts pretty easy, wont try to push anything. Probably go 225lbs for cleans and will attempt 315 on the Front squat.

My buddy was at the track today sporting his fancy electric timing gates and camera. Couldn’t pass up that opportunity seeing as I havent been timed for real in months.

4x20m blocks
3xflying 30m (2.96,2.96,2.93) from about a 25-30m run in.

Fastest flying 30’s Ive done in a real long time. Indoors I was having a tough time staying under that 3s mark but today it was no problem. With a little more training I think I can hit the 2.8s, which is completely uncharted territory for me.

My groin was bothering me slightly because I had just gone to see the chiro and he did some pretty deep ART on it. Usually I dont schedule in that close to practice, or even on a practice day, but its all he had.

10x over head shot throws

3x5 depth jumps

2x5 squats @ 365

3x120m (12.94,13.00,12.93)
4x20m blocks
6x10 Bounds
15xhop and throw 8kg medball
5x4 power cleans @ 205

2x210m (23.5, 24.2)

Not sure if the last one was me dying off or a gusting headwind. Probably a combination of the two.

2x10 squats @ 295, 1x10 @315
3x10 weighted hip thrust @ 225
3x10 bench press @ 225
2x10 pull ups

What’s going on with all the 10’s on the squats?

I started 10s a couple months back, on my lower CNS day. I never stopped doing them because I didnt stop making gains. I was initially going to switch exercises on that day and make it more of an assistance day, leg curls, weighted hip thrusts, ect… But the squats kept improving and I figured why switch them out.

I like 10s on my special endurance day to lower the CNS stress overall but still get a major lift in. I’ve been doing 10s on tuesdays and 5s on thursday. Its worked pretty well so far. I’ll admit, its weird to have this set up, but I dont see how it could be bad.

First day that my groin hasnt bothered me during the runs. It was holding back my acceleration the past week.

3x120m (12.75,13.05,12.83)
After the first run I mistakenly took 8 minutes rest. Typically I’d take between 10-15 on 120m. So on the next one I took the full 15 and the quality was much better.
4x30m block starts

6x10 bounds
15x hop and throw 8kg medball
2x5 squats @ 365, 1x5 @ 375

Are you still doing tempo?

Yeah for sure.

Somedays 20x100m barefoot on turf. Somedays 10x100m indoors when its raining. I tried some 200s and 300s and those werent for me. I left feeling loaded instead of fresh and recovered. The 100s barefoot are magic.

How many days are you doing the 20x100?? With the amount of SE work you are doing, you may not need long tempo runs.