Massage ointments.

This may sound trivial, but what oils, lotions, gels or creams do people use (or like) for massage:1 pre activity, 2 post activity or 3 rehab.

Curel Fragrance Free Moisture Therapy Lotion is what was recommended to me and it has worked fine for me. A bit pricey though, but it was a massage therapist who recommended it to me so they gotta know something right?

Do you find if you are using alot of lotion in one sitting? compared to, say, oils or other traditional massage ointments.

Biotone with arnica extract for post activity and rehab. Pre activity is more shaking movements. I just use my dry hands unless there are injuries or tension to work out.

Emu oil is the choice for many Australian Massage Therapists. It’s good to work with and is loaded with essential fatty acids which penetrate the skin to induce anti-inflammatory effects.

We use H2O+'s leg and muscle rub w. Magnassager for the lower limbs and EMU oil or H2O+'s hydrating massage oil for the upper limbs, back and shoulder area. Both are administered post workout selectively.