Massage and Contrast Showers

After a hard session, to improve recovery, what order do you use massage and contrast showers?

That is really funny – I woke up this morning wondering the very same thing.

Possibly contrast first, as massage will increase the circulation of the morphine like hormones released from contrasts baths. The order would also depend on the type and duration of the massage treatment. Individual responses may influence this sequence too.

Massage, Contrast

hard to say…my young jedi! :smiley:

I agree with no23.

There can be justifications for either way.

charles poliquin says contrast showers doesn’t do shit but raise cortisol

Great Charles…and why should contrast showers raise cortisol?
We have tested with OW contrast shower and there is not any hormonal imbalance.

For the question about massage+contrast and contrast+massage, the basic point is where do you want to go?
With contrast you work on CNS/ANS without bruising muscles, with massage (not deep) you work on dreinage/circulation/relax.

If you make first massage then contrast, you’ll enhance NS balance, because the last thing you make has a big influence on body balance.
Massage after contrast can give you different results on NS (can be better, i don’t know)

In my opinion, if your objective is NS do first massage and then contrast, or make only contrast and leave massage after some hours or another day.

If you massage 1st then contrast shower, you can wash away the oils from the massage along the way - some oils you may want left on? others you may want washed off?

well he actually said ice massages raises cortisol and recommends frequency - specific microcurrent acupuncture

Charles Poliquin & Paul Chek are full of BS. Their ideas on cortisol have little scientific support behind them. They rely on simple correlations. Talk about pseudo intellectuals, those two top the list. Their seminars are not presented to the scientific community but rather audiences who are gullible to the gimmicks and manipulation of catchy words.

Ice massage is different from contrast shower.

I’m a big fan of FSM, what kind of device do you use? (acutron mentor?)


Well Charles Poliquen knows about as much about contrast showers as he does about Ben’s pre-race squat activities. The main knock on contrast showers is he can’t charge for them.

The gullibility starts with paying 4000 to attend.
Reminds me of the people who paid huge money listen to Anthony Robbins’ seminars on strengthening the family (of course it was a surrogate talking as Anthony himself was far too busy ducking out on his wife and screwing his secretary)

Told you!! Can’t sell showers but CAN sell microcurrent devices!!

OW- facts to counter bullshit.
The order of tx depends on the muscle status- tight muscles- perhaps contrast shower before massage to increase curculation before starting the more aggressive therapy. Normal conditions would be best served by massage and then contrast shower.

Ironically most of these self proclaimed guru’s legitimize their viewpoints by associating them with successful people. Charles & Chek both closely relate their ideas to Tellez & Francis, when in reality they are polar opposites. Having attended a Chek lecture (free pass) I didn’t realize Ben did single arm dumbbell split cleans :confused: .

I did rise questions that identified contradictions in their theories, the common response was “ this is what the best athletes in world do, I Know who I have worked with , who have you worked with”. So it quite apparent that these gurus’s are willing to self promote by false associations yet they are not able to withstand any meaningful criticism.