Many with Left side tighter than right?

The ARPwave system is a whole system,just like CFTS is,not a device or a machine. You do not train like what you just described in the ARPwave System,nor do therapy that way,if we accept to differentiate.
And it is nowhere near a TENS,or any EMS device,nor to remove tension as you say.
In the end: a matter of contents,NOT just semantics.


Performance and newly patterned movement. Hands on therapy is only good as far it is the best option available. Trying to superimpose peripherally induced modifications over centrally induced ones may not be productive at all,as the brain will receive both signals,and eventually read them as “confusion”. Luckily it is more complex than that anyway.

1.Address the origin of the problem
2.Exceed neurological input which created the
issue in the firts place
3.Install correct movement patterns
4.Strength train (teach the system to better distribute and absorb more and more force)

Takes roughly three days ,and 10 less than 15 minutes long sessions.

Yes I do,as I know the possible outcomes,as I see them used quite a bit as rehab and prevention tools in Teams I work with. The focus is not tension,nor removing it.
It is addressing the real cause of that tension.
Which is simply nowhere a foam roller can get to.
To me budget is always an external factor,at least upon discussing principles.

I personally like both acupuncture and cupping,when done correctly.Also we have had a very interesting experience recently in using both to support recovery and complete structural healing after ARP treatments on acute muscle injuries during South Africa 2010 Soccer FIFA World Cup,with very promising results.

A 10 year old’s hamstring will still bend the knee when the kid is 80.

Anybody arguing with this?
Simplest things need to be reinforced all of the time!

Generally, from a therapy point of view, you (or your clients) can have an imbalance of one o more of this structural complex system:

  1. Cranio-cervico-mandibular system
  2. Pelvic system
  3. Feet/gait complex

A chiro can help you to identify the cause of your problem.

Spinal manipulation can be a waste of time if you work only on this structure (too much adaptative).


Identify,yes. Address it in the most (at least athletically/supporting performance speaking) efficient way,no.
That is the limit we daily find with the results of chiropractic manipulations of all kinds when applied in a performance driven environment.

Primary system integrity is the foundation for the structural health and athletic performance.
A good chiro or therapist, with a good background can work with an high rate of success.

Too much time we correct compensation and not the cause of the problems!
Many people during their therapy or gym work have great results, but often they create an adjunctive compensation pattern.
When your body compensation capacity is exhausted, you can have a niagara fall problems!

Compensation is not the enemy, but a normal, functional, adaptative body response to a neurostructural disorganization.

Find the real enemy and compensations will disapper!

Agreed,but you’ll have to show me how the real enemy can be efficiently addressed by chiropractic work only.

Fortunately a muscle is nothing like a hose, it works on the same principle as a solonoid, an electric magnet. When a current is present the magnet pulls a pin further into the recepticle. The formula one motors operate the valves this way and up to 17,000 rpm. The Japanese have the superfast trains pulled by magnets.

If one keeps pulling the pins out the magnet speed slows down. If you want more speed put another solonoid in. Fast twitch/slow twitch, remember short fibres/long fibres. When the kid is growing the bones lengthen at the growth plates and the muscles stretch as do tendons. Make more solonoids, remember the short solonoids are fast.

Does stretching as an exercise lengthen the fibres or promote the growth of more short fibres.

The African gene has short calf and long tendons.


Good Question - I’ll find out :slight_smile:

I must have African gene in me!

yes - But also consider the following. (which im sure you’re aware of - just putting it out there)

In addition to general skeletal muscle loss, the following changes occur as you age:
Muscles take longer to respond to brain signals in your 50s than they did in your 20s. As a normal course of aging, you begin to lose the muscle fibers that are responsible for making you move quickly. The speed of transmission of impulses from the brain to the muscles also slows down, so it takes longer to get the signal, “Hey! Move it!” Your muscles also can’t repair themselves as quickly as they used to, due to a decrease in enzyme activities and protein turnover.
The water content of tendons (the cord-like tissues that attach muscles to bones) decreases as you age. This change makes the tissues stiffer and less able to tolerate stress.
Your heart muscle becomes less able to propel large quantities of blood quickly through your body. As a result, you tire more quickly and take longer to recover.

I have heard good success from Cupping - surely there are better options giving the Bruising side effects.

I have heard there are short courses available for Acupuncture - would be a very useful tool

To answer the 1st Q.
The end goal for most of my clients is to loss body fat, gain lean tissue.
Q 2 - Can it be done without progression to heavier loads v’s doing the exercises in the 1st place at maximal intensity. - Yes it can. However, I test everybody 1 x per month, Body Fat/Lean Tissue.

without doubt, Heavier loads, done correctly, done maximally, in perfect form create a far better response in Fat/lean tissue composition.

Your last part - totally agree. I find most people scale back to mediballs, much like in the videos shown, when their from in Dumbbells drops. Then a week or two, or three later, they are ready to hit the dumbbells again.

Plus there is Variety = less boredom

It is the only thing that I know of in the mechanical world that works along the same lines.

Maximal stimulus gives maximal response. Are the maximal “loads”,or their maximality which produces the results? You cannot tell,as for today.

Variety may not be a desirable thing,if efficient results are the end goal.

Not with classic chiro approach for sure.

Answer - Neither

So it changes the fibres elastic memory, specifically within the membrane to become more able to elongate longitudinally. The cell increases it’s uptake of lipids, esp free form fatty-acids to achieve this.

Nor with any I am aware of,In Balance comprised.

But then, it may be interesting if you share your view on this,and define the real enemy.

Where does the whole process start,and where does it end?

What is really happening peripherically,and what is happening in the brain?

Does a signal Have to come from the brain for a Cell to uptake Lipids and become more Elastic?

Perhaps it does?
Perhaps the tiny stretches, send a signal to the brain, which in turn sends the Lipids to the Stretched Fibres for repair, and in turn, the fibre becomes more elastic?
Without the tiny stretches, no signal.


Perhaps the cell, due to tiny tears, opens the blood barrier within itself to allow uptake of Lipids, repairs itself?

Your thoughts?