Bolt vs Lewis

didnt read the article yet, But I hate carl just because he is a hypocritical hater. Plus carl was destroyed by Ben! My vote goes to bolt!

Whos the greatest Female sprinter? Supa fine shelly ann is making a good run at it!

OK Ive read the article…THe writer is a douche. I guess he hasnt really looked into Carl’s Past. What a damn HAter. I hope Carl Keeps his mouth shut!

I don’t think the current generation of track fans are going to care if Bolt rips Lewis anyway.

9.58 vs. 9.86

9.86 is a warm up run these days, isn’t it??

Ive come to believe that Carl Hates anybody of Jamaican decent.

Just went to a clinic and Carl was there. When asked about JA and Usain he said “I’m a hater” and got ticked off when a young jamaican lady yelled out “Jamaica” … he rolled his eyes at her and said “I’m for my people” the Jamaican girl said “Im for my people too” he started to fumble over his words…

Carl needs to stop hating the players and hate the game.

The US sprint community can be so sour f’ing grapes…

And that article… is stupid. How about when Carl shunned the US and made a killing outside the US? Track is not popular in the us so the writers claim that it will hurt him is kinda dumb… Anyways I dont think the two sponsors who give him commercials here Gatorade and ESPN are going to drop him anytime soon…