Different Therapy options that You employ

What are your favorite Therapy options to loosen up tight, sore muscles/joints?

As a trainer, I have been using Foamrolling for some time now - nearly 5yrs. It’s great for self massage, but does hurt. IT used to take ages, but, as the brain/muscle connection improves, it relaxes off a lot lot quicker these days.

Looking through some of the CF products - charlie demonstrates some great stroking work, which really dopes the tone and allows you to you adjust the overall tension of the muscle, or, find Trigger points within the muscles.

(Trigger points are them, hard painful areas of a muscle, sometimes small, sometimes the size of a Rat…)

To get rid of Trigger points, as a trainer (and depending on the area, on yourself) I utilize the Shaking technique.

I haven’t had this done to me by anybody else, nor seen it on youtube - but have heard vague reports on how to do it in some articles.
I seem to have this down to a good art now. I notice some people cannot loosen up certain areas, eg, hip flexors via Foamrolling, or, it takes them ages to do so.
With this Shaking, i can loosen up the area (hip flexers) in less than one minute per leg. I follow this by some PNF stretching of the effected muscle to bring flexibility into full range of motion. Again, this takes less than One minute per muscle.

The shaking i do - I’ll try to youtube it one day. Hopefully you can understand this - is, Grab The Trigger Point between your fingers (it’s like grabbing a Rat withing the muscle, grab it too lightly, and the rat runs away, Grap too tightly, and the person with the issue Punches you in the head…
So, with the Area grabbed as such, It’s now time to “KILL THE RAT” as if you’re trying to kill a real rat in your fingers. And you do this by shaking the Rat (trigger point) very rapidly. It’s only tiny movements, like brushing your teeth. Eventually the trigger point Melts between you fingers (killing the Rat)
Sometimes it can be very painful (but less than foamrolling) - the more painful, the more you really need to get this muscle fixed. It’s possibly been this way for a long long time.

A lot you cannot Grab as above, so i just use my palm, add pressure, and shake. Not as good - but still works. Just takes longer.

I would like to learn acupuncture - as it works a treat also. But the speed and quickness i’m getting out of shaking is making me think twice (as it’s expensive here)

I have a TENS/EMS unit, works a treat - but programs takes 45-60min.

I have always found that cupping and accupuncture has succeeded where massage, physio and chiro have failed.
you can get plastic suction cups that don’t require fire. it takes about 15-20mins to apply…

Thanks Hornblower.

Last night, and this morning, Two different clients. Both do regular foamrolling, and both get massages from different ladies fairly often.
Both had very similar problems - really really deep Trigger Points in their Thighs. Right onside of the bone.
Far too deep to foamroll.
It really hurt my hands/fingers, getting in that deep and Shaking (hurt them too…) Eventually, things melted somewhat (not 100%, maybe 70% or so?) And the flexibilty eventually came back, and was even between left and right (thereby no longer twisting the hips)
The strength in their legs improved vastly - perhaps even doubled (they are not very strong dudes)

As hard as shaking can be, the results are spectacular.

Need video :slight_smile:

Yes, please post a video!

i would also like to see a vid!


Short video of shaking a “rat” out of the hammie
Hope it turns out ok?

Pressure using finger or thumb into the pressure point, hold for 30 secs, release then apply again for 30 secs, do this a few times can really help. I also in some cases find the pressure point, maintain pressure with my 1st 2 fingers then while keeping pressure on move the point of the fingers back and forth over the area. Just talking small movements while maintaining pressure. Have also use a chinese suction device with plastic cups, have to be careful not to bruise the area being treated. I’m also a qualified massage therapist so use normal massage techniques as well. Interested to hear from others on this subject, good one.

what sort of bruising do you have to be careful about? are you talking about those crop circles that pop up, or something more like regular bruising? I was always told that only trouble areas will show up dark, while healthy tissue will return to normal colour after about 15 minutes. after a few treatments, areas that have previously turned dark will often come up pink…

Once a month I go see my man Alex At miami flexability trainers. http://www.miamiflex.com/

He is most knowledgeable therapist Ive ever met. He helped me recovery from my quad tear a few years back. I go once a month just for tune ups to reduce injuries. Ive been seeing him since 08, but this is the first year I went every month for preventative work. Well I can say I never got injured this year.

I also do a massage every few weeks. I do e salt baths1 to 2 times a week also.

That guy looks legit.

Hornblower, these bruises. Tissue will return to normal color in 15min… right :slight_smile:


mort, like I said, those bruises are a standard side effect and are purely cosmetic in their effect. when I have cups on my upper back or on the outer part of my quads I get bruises (mostly on my back), but on my lower back and hamstrings I don’t get any bruising at all. there is pinkness when they first come off but after a very short time you can’t see anything at all.

you don’t need to avoid the bruises. it’s actually a sign that it’s working…

Do you find cupping effective? Meaning more effective than work with the hands (on your legs for example)?

Personally, I’ve had more success with cupping than any other form of therapy…

That shit looks like a disease.