200m Predictions


bolt, blake, weir

There’s no way LeMaitre is getting bronze with his lane draw, he got stuck in 2. Not when there’s 4 people that are so close to each other in terms of the form they’re in.

My question - can he hold off weir…

Stop smoking…


Hold him off? He’s gonna have to run him down. LeMaitre is a poor turn runner and being in lane 2 is going to amplify that problem. I think he has the juice to do it, but like I said, they’re all pretty close. Martina is the real wild card and I’m trying to figure out where to put him at.

I see a lot of people putting blake at number 1 - I would be extremely shocked if bolt lost the race. Weir isn’t ready yet - don’t understand why you guys have him in the top 3.

Vegas has a prop: 200m world record yes or no. No is the fav at -235…

Yeah, I understand the case that Jimson is making, but honestly, I think Blake’s 19.26 was a fluke. Blake is a beast with world-class SE, no doubt, but running the 2nd 100 faster than the first 100 is something nobody else has ever done, including Blake outside of that one race.

Yeah, I wasn’t impressed with Weir’s semi-final at all and I don’t have him in the bronze medal spot anymore.

I’m sticking with Wallace for bronze:

1: He’s fresher - no 100m rds.
2: Better PR/SB
3: It’s his time.

My 2 plays will be Wallace at +money OR eat the juice with Bolt at -500…

Put your cash on the vet…

I would be very tempted to take up the WR prop. Bolt is right there and I would bet based on what the weather conditions are tomorrow for the final.

I would if I wanted to make a fun play - I’m looking for one solid play to drop 10k on…

Well, Bolt to win gold is the safest bet, but the payout is gonna be terrible. If you take the line as it is now, you will win just over $2100. I think there is too much risk in this field to confidently put your money on anything else.

Well, I’ll keep you posted - I may make a system play… Gotta get a couple hours of sleep before I try to win some cash on the France vs Canada soccer game…

Bolt could well be in form to break 19?

I would take Spearmon to 3rd. I am pretty sure Bolt will win but not -475 sure.


  1. Bolt 19.15s WR
  2. Blake 19.30
  3. Martina 19.88
  4. Spearmon 19.91
  5. LeMaitre 19.97
  6. Weir 20.02
  7. Jobodwana 20.32
  8. Quinonez 20.40

You now agree with me - Lemaitre over weir…