200m Predictions

1: Bolt
2: Blake
3: Wallace goof ball

I agree…

Any chance the french boy take 3rd?

Not if Wallace is in shape IMO, if he were it would be a shock but who knows by pulling out of the one and hopefully doing a bit more two specific work he could surprise and do circa 19.6

only if somebody gets hurt. Chris is not ready to run 19.8 and below

Vegas showing no love for wallace - +215…

After seeing Blake looking reeeeal good in the semis Bolt will dig deep and run the corner like the finals in 2008. He’ll come off the corner 4m ahead of Blake who is 2m ahead of Spearmon. Blake then starts to reel in Bolt with Bolt out-leaning him for the win in WR time.

Who’s 3rd??

^^^ Spearmon third.

If Blake and Bolt weren’t in the same camp I think Blake would win. But Bolt trains with him and knows how hungry he is and what he’s capable of, Bolt isn’t going to let Blake surprise him.

Martina for third. Came with SB’s of 10.18/19.94 and already improved to 9.91.

frenchy is a fighter, so he could well pull out a surprise. still an outside chance, though…

Im going to be in the stadium so live reports! I think lemaitre will get a medal but the race will be going on in front of him.


Right now, there are 4 people who could win bronze; Spearmon, Martina, LeMaitre and Warren Weir. I wasn’t impressed with Spearmon, Martina or LeMaitre in qualifying. All 3 went out too slow and then had to slam on the gas to make sure they qualified, so right now I’m leaning towards Weir for bronze, but I’ll wait till after the semis to make any concrete predictions.

I’m waiting till the day of finals to make my cash…

Give me your top 3:

2 1791 Myriam Soumaré FRA 22.56 22.32
3 3058 Semoy Hackett TRI 22.55 22.55
4 2197 Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce JAM 22.10 22.10
5 2194 Veronica Campbell-Brown JAM 22.32 21.74
6 3313 Sanya Richards-Ross USA 22.09 22.09
7 3287 Allyson Felix USA 21.69 21.69
8 1402 Murielle Ahoure CIV 22.42 22.42
9 3299 Carmelita Jeter USA 22.11 22.11

felix, then my baby shelly, vcb.
I think if shelly cares to run she can run felix to the line. I predict 21.5-.3

No ross…

  1. Bolt - 19.25
  2. Blake - 19.51
  3. Martina - 19.80

Pick a winner:
vcb vs jeter
vcb vs shelly
shelly vs ross