manipulating body comp

I have a kid I am training who is pretty much skinny fat, he has some muscle, but needs to gain especially in arms and legs. He definitely needs to lose some fat mass more than gain muscle. When he lifts he is always chest dominant, back dominant and hip dominant and his limbs are weak and he never feels it there much. He looks like he has done too much aerobic work over the years, high abdominal fat and pectoral fat, lean legs. I was wondering for some ideas as to the best method of weight training to get this kid looking lean and muscular?
-One thing I think is this kid needs some isolation work.

  • I have heard to keep high weight and low reps and lose fat using cardio and interval training. This was mentioned by defranco.
  • then there is using weights in complex or circuit like fashion to burn calories by increasing epoc. Maybe with a heavy day and some intervals. I wonder if this will lead to atrophy of the muscles that are worked to exhaustion with a low calorie diet? On a side note, for people trying to lose weight, I wonder if weight training is a good tool, because personally I notice appetite soars when i do lots of lifting of any kind.

Whats the kids goals? 100m? 400?

Add some weightroom(1x12, ~30%) circuits or bodyweight circuits on the days between heavy lifting.

I would say talk to him about diet but if he’s in high school there is really no use. :stuck_out_tongue:

No isolation work. Don’t do it.

Circuit training and heavy lifting is perfect for novice weight training.

Fat loss is easier after adding muscle and strength. Typically you get higher level of T, and better insulin sensitivity.