Man! I use to suck at this.

I was bored at work today so I scoured through all my old posts on the forum. It was a good laugh! The reoccurring theme would be: what was I thinking?

It is a wonder some of the people that trained with me are still alive. I clearly prescribed to the school of more is more and not less is more. The volumes and intensities were huge and it is no wonder that there has been a few injuries and disappointments along the way. Luckily none to serious.

I clearly had an obsession with hyperthrophy work in the gym. Luckily no one got to big! Today I still believe in the old Eastern European literature on strength work, but the work done now is very different.

This past season there was a lot more power, power endurance and strength endurance work, and the results where clearly seen on the track.

The interesting thing is that most of the questions I posted on the forum I can now answer myself, and some of the questions about my work asked of me I can now not answer as I have no clue as to what the rationale behind my thinking was.

Hopefully in another 5 years time I can do this again and again laugh at what I am doing in 2010.