Maintaining/improving speed during football

I have read before that football players should do short extensive tempo sessions during the season to maintain speed as best possible, but I am still in conditioning and am trying my best not to lose speed. Right now here is essentially the plan:

Mon-Intensive tempo
Tues-Extensive tempo
Wed-Intensive tempo
Thurs-Intensive tempo
Fri/Sat/Sunday- ??? (looking to add extensive tempo and general strength work, but would like to add a “light” speed workout if possible).

Monday/Wed/Thurs- “Conditioning + weights”
-Essentially intensive tempo over distances <100 yards usually in trainers.
-Some resisted running. Done with parachutes.
-Weights are on a timed system. Try to get as many reps in the designated time
-Low intensity plyos and med ball work is also used
-Little/any stretching and ab work is done

Tuesday- “Skill Work”
-Since we are just walking/jogging through plays, I would classify this as extensive tempo at most, but more like an extended warm-up I suppose.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday- Off

I am think about adding 2 general strength / tempo days on friday and saturday and taking sunday off. Another option I thought of was taking friday off entirely and doing speed saturday and taking sunday off also. After today, we have 2 more weeks of this then one week off. During our week off, I plan on using standard CF guidelines (sprints/weights-tempo-sprints/weights-tempo-sprints/weights-tempo) to get any speed back I may have lost. Does anybody have any suggestions recommendations to my plan?

EDIT: to be more specific, I’d say our conditioning has probably 400-600 yards or so (damn standard system lol) of intensive tempo total each session.