Ma Renaissance

My adductors (inner thighs, I believe I used the right term here) are sore today, along with my glutes. The rest of the hip area is only slightly sore.

Pull-ups, crunches, and push-ups in gym class in the AM, along with active rest via ultimate frisbee (was in my boot, so nothing too stressful).

[li]Pull-ups 3x max w/ 3 minutes rest

[li]3 x 6 5 second negative pull-ups

[li]DB Rows 4 x 5

[li]DB Shrugs 4 x 8
Not too hard. The dbs felt light in my hands.

[li]3x10 EZ Bar Curl light
[/li]10lbs each side on bar

[li]3x5 EZ Bar Curl heavy
[/li]-35lbs each side

[li]1200 core reps
[/li]Mostly prone exercises along with medball rotational exercises. Used Clemson’s Core Calculator. Check it out guys, definitely a great way to finally quantify the core work that is getting done.


The workout today was good.

[li]Giant Medball Circuit – 900 throws
[/li]-tiring, but got it done. One minute of rest after the first 300 throws and about 2 after completing the second 300 throws.

[li]Hurdle Mobility
[/li]10 x 10 hurdles w/ 30 seconds or less rest between sets

[li]Body weight squats 3 x 20

[li]Lunges 3 x 15 with a rag under shoe

[li]Single leg squats 2 x 10 per leg

Great and tiring workout today. I can feel my hips are slowly opening up. Single leg squats on my left leg were hard as hell. Finally got my boot off today. Ball of foot didn’t really hurt, but I definitely felt it after the throws (although it continually lessens since after getting off of it). No sharp pains at all, I think I just need to get use to using it again to be honest. Other than that nothing.

[li]Bench Press 3 x 5 ~85%
[/li]-205lbs for all

[li]6 x 4 with 2-4-x tempo
[/li]-175lbs for all

[li]Incline Bench 3 x 8 light

[li]DB Shoulder Press 8 x 15
[/li]-6 x 15 30lb dbs
-2 x 15 25lb dbs

[li]Dips x max - 2 reps
Did these a little slower than I did during my earlier GPP for the sake of my shoulders.

[li]Chair Dips 3 x 15
[/li]-Nice stretch with full range of motion. Also at a comfortable pace.

[li]DB Bench 4 x 20
[/li]-30lb dbs
Not much rest between sets on these. After 15 reps, I hit a wall and it is very hard to finish. Did though and tried to get the sets done with some speed (very relative term here).


Nice workout. Did not check my rest too much, just kept it high enough for quality during the low rep stuff and lowered the rest a bit throughout for the work capacity stuff.

Football team won in double overtime 27-24 in a crazy game. Other team could have won with a field goal at the end (kid is automatic from 35 yards and under and made a 45 yarder this season), but a bad snap messed that up. It was 3rd down, but no time-outs so the clock runs out. In first OT, we throw an interception. They go for the field goal on 3rd down (in case something happens), it gets blocked, but goes past the line of scrimmage. Into 2nd OT, they go first and kick a field goal after a nice defensive stand. Our turn, third down and we throw a fade to a friend of mine who catches the game winner (he also caught a 62 yarder for a TD earlier). The entire team and coaches storm the field and pile up. It was insane. Too bad myself and some other coaches were stuck in the pressbox. Still a good time though.

[li]Slide Lunges (Back with towel) 4 x 20 rest 90 per leg

[li]Slide Lunges (Side with towel) 3 x 20 rest 90 per leg

[li]Full Squats 3x 20 with Dumbbells (ass to grass) rest 2 minutes
-20’s for 15 / 15’s for 5
-15 for all 20

I didn’t go to failure on that 2nd set, but I felt I should just keep the quality up (and I’ll be doing other pulling this week anyways).

[li]Deadlifts 4 x 5 rest 2 minutes (just working the motion)

Good working weight

[li]Technique Squats 3 x 10 - Done with bar looking for perfect form

Pretty easy workout. My adductors are going to be hurting a bit tomorrow though. Built up a good sweat. Tomorrow is going to be, well let’s just say, difficult and long.


[li]Medball chest passes 3 x 20 (30 seconds) rest
[/li]Medball Shotput throws 3 x 20 (30 seconds) rest

[li]Bench Press 6 x 4 reps (3 minutes rest)
2 x 4 195
4 x 4 200

[li]Push-ups 4 x 10
[/li][li] Windmill push-ups 3 x 12
[/li]Less than a minute rest between sets on these with some below 30 seconds.

[li]Standing Shoulder Press 5 x 5 (2 minutes rest)
[/li]-115 x 5
-4 x 5 95lbs
Went with something I could keep perfect form with.

[li]Seated DB Shoulder Press 3 x 20 (very light; low rest0

[li]Incline Bench 4 x 10 (fast down-hold-explode up; 2 minutes rest)
Basically died after 6-7 reps on all of these. Very tired before I started and the tempo made it very tiring.

[li]DB Incline Bench 3 x 15 (light low rest)

[li]Dips 3 x max - 2 reps (3 minutes rest)

[li]Chair Dips 4 x failure (90 seconds rest)
These numbers might be off by 1 or 2 each way.

[li]Tricep Extensions 4 x 10 (low rest)

[li]Big Core Circuit
[/li]-medballs, thrusts, iron crosses, etc.

Tiring workout today. It was good though. I feel a little mentally fatigued and my arms are definitely fatigued. Gym class today was ultimate frisbee, which is sort of getting me back into “running” (or jogging lol). My foot seems to just be sore after doing stuff like that and not so much while I am doing it. It is getting better, it seems, everyday. I have not been getting enough sleep (~6 hours) the last few nights because of studying for the SATs and some big tests that I need to do well on. After this month and once EA is turned in I will be clear, but very stressful until then. Tomorrow I have off and I plan on taking a long nap after school :D.

Got 3 big tests out of the way today, so I will be good until Friday. Took a 2+ hour nap when I got home and feel really refreshed now. Hoping to get 7+ hours tonight as well.


[li]Max Pull-ups 3 x failure (8 minutes rest)

Inbetween each set, 3 x 10 bar sit-ups.

[li]Dumbell rows 3 x 8 w/ slow negative fast concentric (rest 3 minutes)
60lb db

[li]Shrugs 3 x 8
[/li]90lb dbs

[li] Rear delt fly raise 3 x 6-8
[/li]-30lb dbs

[li]Bicep curls w/ EZ Curl Bar 3 x 10 (light)

[li]EZ Curl Bar 3 x 5 (heavy)
[/li]-35lbs each side

[li]Tubing flies 5 x 25 (30 seconds rest)
[/li]Black tubing (strongest available). Done quickly

Got an A on a couple of those tests I had before and now repping the 4.0+ for the quarter (which the EA applications will have on it ;)). Took the SATs today and they were fatiguing. I have a workout later today (this was done yesterday). Football team won 21-13. Good friend finally broke 100 yards.

[li]Bench Press 3 x 5


[li]Incline Bench Press 3 x 5 (mine is a about 60 or so degrees)

[li]Seated DB Shoulder Press 5 x 12
[/li]40lb DBs

[li] DB Bench 3 x 30 low rest
[/li]-25lb DBs

[li]Push-ups 10-12 x 10
[/li]low rest


SATs went well. My homecoming went well. Monday, I sprained my right ankle playing ultimate frisbee in gym class. It is mild, grade 1-2 and I should be back in a week or two they say. Swelling is mild and I can walk on it fine. I am wearing a rocket sock right now.

I tried something Clemson mentioned before with adding a little bit (pinches) of Crystal light in my tea to give some variety and it takes great. Anybody who drinks a decent amount of tea, go for it. I personally like the pink lemonade + decaff. green tea at night x 2.


[li]2 minutes rest for every exercise

[li]45 degree hypers 3 x 10
75lb db

[li]Hip Extension Machine 3 x 15 each leg

[li] Leg Extension 3 x 15
[/li]I did these extremely light, just to get some quad stimulation (only way due to ankle). Weight was too low to even be significant.

[li]Adductor Pulls 2 x 15

Ankle is feeling much better. Virtually no swelling (some slight bruising) and pain free in most movements. Range of motion is improving (I can already go up to ball of foot on one leg), but still limited, especially laterally. Today was fairly easy, but definitely made some sweat. Tomorrow is pulling with Friday off.

[li]Lat pull downs 10 x 10 light/medium 45-60 seconds rest

[li]Pull-ups 4 x 10 3 minutes rest

[li]DB Rows 6 x 4 2 minutes rest
[/li]70lb dbs (possibly 75, I forget)

[li]Reverse Flies 3 x 10 2 minutes rest
[/li]-35lb DBs

[/li]900 prone reps + 100 medball rotations. Total rest: 3 minutes spread out.

[li]875 General strength reps
[/li]5 sets of 175 reps (spread through various exercises). Did things like reverse hypers, medball rotations, push-ups, pull-ups, and more. Rest was generally nothing or very short between exercises and 30 seconds or less between sets (probably 4 minutes rest total).

Team won last night (now are 4-4) in a come from behind overtime victory. It was a good one. Great performances from everyone.

Ankle has slight soreness and slight inflammation. Has improved quite a bit since Tues/Wed. Range of motion is improving steadily.

[li]10 x 10 push-ups 30 seconds rest

[li]Bench Press 2 x 10; 2 x 4

-205 lbs

[li]Strength Endurance Circuit
[/li]3 x
[ DB Bench x 20
Dips x max - 2
DB Shoulder Press x 10-12
Push-ups x 20 ]

2 minutes rest between each.


Ankle is improving, but I think I may need to get a plan (long and short term) in place before I move further with this.

Today, I worked on some ankle rehabilitation stuff. I ice-bathed my ankle for 10-20 minutes, followed immediately by 4 minutes of as many sets of bodyweight squats to toes as I could (generally 7 x 30 or s). I did some exaggerated walking as well, but not a significant amount.

This felt good on my ankle and I was glad I was able to get in some quality movement with it other than walking.

The day went well and I am getting ready for finally being able to run again… some more weeks for that I suppose.

Anybody have tips on college essays?

College essays, the only thing I can say is write it, then rewrite it, then rewrite it, and then rewrite it again. Whatever you write about, it gets better every time you redo it. I’m on my third draft of one of mine right now and there’s just no comparison between that one and my first copy. Other than that, I have no clue. Good luck though.

Thanks. University of Chicago is known for having some bastard essays, so we’ll see what happens with that.

keep it up. It will take two more days of the same protocol. I would go very shallow on the squats.

Another thing is to get other people to read your essays. It is amazing what errors are missed when only one person is proofreading.

The other thing about these essays is be yourself. It is really obvious when someone tries to BS this and creates an essay based on what they think the grader wants to read. (i was told this by someone i know who looks at graduate school admissions, which fortunately have better essay topics).

Definitely was a bit sore today in the quads and back, probably because I was doing the squats as low as I could comfortably with such lower rest. Similar protocol yesterday, but with the depth reduced significantly. Overall the ankles and feet are feeling better.

Thanks for the tips guys. I may post it (well them actually) up on here once I am done for some commenting.

3 minutes rest between all sets until dips

[li]Incline Bench 4 x 6

[li]Flat Bench 3 x 8
-175 x 6!

I got crushed on this last set. Flat bench felt very awkward for some reason today.

[li]Seated DB Press 3 x 5 (2 second pause at bottom)

[li] Dips 4 x 6
[/li]About 90 seconds between sets

[li]3 x MEC Circuit for Push (60 seconds between sets, none between exercises)
[/li]-Chair Dips x 20
-Alternating DB Press x 20 each arm
-Push-ups x 12

Workout today wasn’t bad–I got crushed on flat bench though for some reason. It just felt awkward. Otherwise great workout.

About the injuries:
Foot feels great, except for certain angles. Literally I feel nothing at all except if my foot lands a weird angle (generally when it is coming down weird from on toes). When that happens, it is extremely painful (I assume it is pressing on part of the nerve), but that does not happen often. I will be interested in seeing what happens when I start running again. I think it will be fine, assuming I run correctly. My ankle can now plantarflex and dorsiflex almost 100% (90-95% probably), but there is still a sharp pain if it turns out too much and it feels very tight (although not really painful or anything) when it turns in a lot.

Friday I did my ankle rehab 2x through. The game Friday was Senior night, sort of depressing at first, but I got over it quickly. It was against our biggest rivals who happen to have been ranked #2 in all of Western PA. In an insane victory, my team won 13-10 in a very tough game. Nobody could believe it. The papers had given it a 14 point spread on average and the opposing team was quoted as saying they aren’t too worried because the game will be well over before the 3rd quarter is over. Didn’t happen. Students stormed the field (over a 1,000 easily) and it was just an insane atmosphere. I could go on about this for a while, but you get the picture. The rivalry is deep with both teams being top 10 in the nation in the early/mid 90’s (they were #1 at one point).