Lower Core

Hey I was just curious as to what people do here for their lower core.

Right now I have a whole mix of exercises and I think a really important thing for me this year is too get solid core and stability. Im just looking to add a few more exercises to my routine.

Standing Cable Crunches

  • Attach the rope to the high pulley, face away from the stack, one hand on each handle of the rope, on either side of your neck. Crunch down to your feet. If you can set it up so the bar for lat pull down’s goes behind your lower leg, you should be able to brace against that, and handle greater weights.

Leg Raises

  • Either hold on to the top of a hack squat machine, or chin up bar (more advanced). Let your legs hang down, knees to elbow’s (hack squat machine) or toes to hands (chin bar). Use your abs to lift your pelvis, and legs out and up to your hands.

Contact Twists?? (I think we just made that name up, I’m not sure)

  • Find an empty corner in the weight room. Stick a bar right into the corner, at about a 45 degree angle. Both hands on the end of the bar, let the bar come to one side by pivoting the opposite foot, and keeping the same side foot planted. You can do one side at a time or one side to the other continuously. Practice with the bar until you feel the groove, (make sure your switching grips so your not always trying to pull with one arm) and then add some weight until you really feel your abs rotating the weight.