lower back "pump" during tempo like training

today while I was doing figure 8’s on the soccer field (light jog the length, “stride” the diagonals) I noticed a “pump” much like in the weight room in my lower back. Is this just me being out of shape, or something else?

Could be the result of especially tight or inflexible hamstrings leading to the back getting a bit more pressure.

definitely possible, I’m pretty inflexible in general although I am trying to improve on this via deep tissue work, pnf stretching, etc

Put some extra focus on your ham flexibility in the next few weeks and see if that alleviates the problem, if it is a problem.

I have the same problem. For example, when i have to do gras runs, like 8*1.45 min runs with 2 minutes recovery, my lowerback starts pumping up. You can really see the muscles coming out and people are like :eek:
The feeling is really **&^%$#.
The first time i did it, was due to a hamstring injury. When i did it the first time, the hamstring felt really good, but my lower back :frowning:
What causes this? I know i have some “problems” with my psoas, because it’s really stif. My right hip is a bit tight compared to my left one and i have some “problems” with my back also. The right side is a bit weaker so i’m working on that.

Yeah that reminds me, a little extra emphasis on the hip flexors might also help the situation-pre and post workout.

A tight psoas will inhibit glute activation. The body then responds by increasing demands on the back extensors and hamstrings to do work of hip extension that glute should be doing (hip ‘extension’ actually occurs due to back hyperextension - and the back extensors end up getting o0verworked.). I usually see this in athletes with tight hip flexors, and see it really badly on a daily basis with the general public that works desk jobs.

Ok thnx for the info…
At the moment i’m working (but i’m still going to school) and i have to sit a lot behind my computer. But i don’t feel stif after work.
For me it’s important to fix those weak points, because in a few weeks i have to compete at the Europeans Under 23 in Hungary.

Do some of you know some good exercises?

(btw don’t watch the spelling to much :D)

other than consistently stretching the psoas, what would you recommend to alleviate this problem

Try hip flexor stretch at google, and see what u can find over there.

I agree with Scott! BTW where have you been? :slight_smile:

Forward pelvic tilt (caused by spinal erectors) will cause leg extension and thus contribute to propulsive forces to the ground. This mechanism is explained in Bosch and Klomp book.
Maybe the spinal erectors companate by low hip mobility into extension with tilting the pelvis? This may indicate stiff/short hip flexor which may also result into neurological shut-down of glutes and increasing the stress on the hams. Try doing more hip stretching and glute activation work, and even maybe some core stability work.
The best strecth wot the hip flexors is to do a lunge and from this position kneel on the rear leg’s knee. Tilt your body forward and cause hip extension. This will stretch the psoas. To stretch the rectus, pull your rear legs heel to the butt with your hands (just put something soft under the knee)

Without me writing a lengthy reply, here’s a pretty good summary (roll/stretch tightened structures, glute activation exercises as part of warm-up):


Work, thesis, more work . . .

I’m still occasionally having this problem. Here is my pre-run routine

Foam Roll (hip flexors, piriformis, hamstring, adductors, IT Band)

  • couple minutes slow jog

  • movement prep (high knees, butt kicks, etc)

  • static stretch, focusing on psoas, rectus femoris, hamstring, adductors

  • some dynamic stretching

  • a few 30-40m strides

I’ve also noticed the pump feeling in my hamstrings with longer distances (although not nearly as intense as the low back).

Anyone have any insight?

edit ** I also do cook hip lifts and quadraped alternate arm/leg extensions

The pump feeling in your hamstring is only that during training? Or for example when your sitting at home doing something…