Low-quality CNS work and neuromuscular patterns

Charlie, in Training for Speed, p. 50 you write: any CNS training done with less than the highest quality can reinforce neuromuscular patterns which are counter productive. Please, can You describe it in detail? Thank You.

If you are familiar with the intensities chart, you will note that the sort of work Charlie is talking about is within the 75-90% range. Basically it is too slow to make the athlete faster, but it is too fast for general (tempo) endurance. So, it taxes the CNS with no positive effect. The patterns that are reinforced would therefore be sub-maximal speed patterns.

Thank You, and will reinforcing of sub-maximal speed patterns limit the reinforcing of the max speed patterns in the future once CNS will be fresh and training done with 100% intensity?

The thing is you are learning to run slow. Why would you want to do that

You could work in “no mans land” 75-90% but the intensity would have to be counted as a high intensity CNS day. So then I pose the following question:

Why waste a high intensity CNS day on submaximal speed?

My question is then, with strong endurance training, or shall we say “more than sub-maximal intensity”…what would the suggestion be for recovery (time wise) in preparation for maximum speed/ power days