low hip height in blocks

i have always, for whatever reason, never raised my hips/ butt in the air enough when in the blocks. i have used many different settings and all felt uncomfortable. i finally found a block setting that i like (thanks to this site) and my starts feel great. only thing is that my hips are still really really low in the blocks. i have tried raising them to the right height and had friends watch me, but i dont get out nearly as good and leads to a slower start.
my question is, why would someone get out worse in the higher set postion and why wouldnt it feel comfortable. is it block setting, build, flexibility, etc. most likely would i be better off going with the high hips and getting used to it. why is high hips better. should i just stick with what i am doing right now as it really seems much better than last years start? i know its hard to answer these without seeing anything but any help would be great. does anybody else have this problem. any help would be much appreciated.

If you are trying to put your hips higher and it feels uncomfortable, try keeping your head in line with your spine. For example, on your mark, look at the start line. At set as you come up allow your head to move with your back so you are looking slightly back somewhat towards your feet in a high hips set position.

Just a thought but hard to tell for sure without pics.