Loud footstrike

What is the cause of loud foot strikes @ top speed sprinting ?

Is it a bad thing ?

Currently dropping some bulk (240, grew up near bodybuilders what can i do… lol) hopefully that will help a bit

Yes its bad. At top speed your hearing loud foot strikes!!!

Read Speedtrap. Charlie used to end some workouts if it was too heavy. Do your legs feel heavy or tired?

Thanks and no, i felt strong and powerful, do you think its a 100% bodyweight problem ?

Does it have anything to do with Force levels on footstrike ?

Hmmmm…I dont know. What are you doing for training. Do you feel heavy, I saw the video of you dunking, and I would have never guessed your too heavy. Couple questions…

1.How many times a week are you doing sp work.
2.What do you do for recovery?
3.Body fat levels.

Maybe we can go from there. Do you always hear loud pounding at tp speed. Im sure we can fix this.

For training…

Mon: accel

  • 20M AND 30M sprints total 200m or till its low quality.
  • Powercleans, 3x3
  • ME Dead\SQ, singles or doubles
  • high rep lunges

Wed: top speed

  • Either 2x60 and 2x80 or a couple of flying 20’s and 60m dashes, again 200-250 total
    -ME Bench presses, +supplemental work

Fri: SE

  • 100M-150M X3 @ 90-100% 5-6 min rest.
  • powercleans+heavy hamstring work (GM)

For recovery, full supplement program, alot of walks, and just added more cardio for weightloss.

Bodyfat is about 14 i believe but im taking care of that now, if i flex i can see the abs, but theres some fat covering them, its not clean like the back of my hand at all.

About the VJ’s, i hit my head on a 10’ rim, did it few days ago, its not the hardest thing in the world for me, even at 240, which is very weird, i guess sprinting IS very different than jumping.

oh and about feeling heavy, yes, generally i feel a little over bulked, but when i get going it turns to a feel of great power… i really need to fix this.

heres an old 10m
u can even hear noise there ! thats what i get in top speed… dont mind the performance side of it… its old as hell and no blocks.

On my lunch break right now. Hmmm, what are you doing for tempo days. You can take my advice any way you would like but I would lower the speed work volume on wed.and increase tempo, weights/reps to try and lose some extra body fat. Cut that number in half you will be fine. At the start the pounding is natural. Unless your foot is spending too much time on the floor but I doubt this. I have a good start, and have seen a lot of good starters, and loud pounding at the start is usually a common factor.

We will talk later when I get back. Did you get my pm?

I think I will take your advice, i didn’t do much tempo because i want to let my shins fully recover and… because of my weight- they can be stressful.

BUT i guess its a good deal to drop speed volume for it.


Loud footstrikes usually come from running flatfoooted, which is what it appears that you do. Also, you are bending over at the waist which is shortening your knee drive and stride. JMO.

To tell you the truth i never focused on toe strikes, just a long stride and some good hip technique, i’ll pay more attention to it tomorrow.

About the waist bend, seems quite natural to me for 0-10m, but i agree i could stretch out a bit more and complete the 10m in 7 steps and not 7.5, notes taken and will try to work on these on practice tomorrow. im not even sure im running like this anymore… that vid is about a month into my training :slight_smile:

thanks !

I wouold say by your video of the 10m sprint. To me you Just dotn have any excelleration, or top end speed. You come up at the third step, your at what seems like full strid at 10m meters. As of right now you need to just start running like you’ve already started to do. Buy some different technique and training video’s on track and field. One from reputable coaches, such as UF’s, LSU’s, Tenn’s, USC, ASU, South Carolina, I mean theres plenty of coaches, those are just a few, but theres plenty of profesional coaches too. So just shop around, and check their rep before you buy their stuff, just to make sure your getting quality information.

thanks but i’ll say again… this is video is like a week after i got my first spikes and about a month or two into my half assed training (also played basketball ) im sure u werent perfect after such a short ammount of time either :slight_smile:

Hey, people are trying to help you, not put you down. Why don’t you post something more recent/useful.

do i sound down ? lol… i dont have anything good quality… i train alone so its kinda hard to film

ill post here again when i film.