Guys i just noticed that am not running as fast as i was at the beginning of football season.I think this is happening for two reasons:

(1) I carry a 30LB backpack between classes(HighSchool) or…

(2) In football practice we run many many sprints(50 -100m) without proper recovery at 100% if you can.

im sure your 4 minute backpack walk to class isnt affecting your speed.
How do you knwo for sure you are not running as fast? Have you been timed?
You second explanation is possible but also your body may be tired from football practice plus you are now in pads im assuming.

Well I dont feel explosive anymore :frowning: in my first 15 yards. See my 10 yard dash was 2.24 and at the time my 40 was 4.9.But, over the summer i improved my 10 yard dash to 1.55 and one day after practice i decided to get a friend to time me and i got a 4.9! and i like to say my first 25 yards i feel like a turtle.

Was timing the same for every run?

If you stopped sprinting in favor of “gassers” because of football practice it makes sense you’re losing speed. You made your first post as an announcement, is that what is was meant to be because you know how to or are attempting to rectify the problem on your own or are you looking for advice?

I am looking for advice

What’s the answer to timing question? Just to make sure you actually are losing speed. But, if you are you have to find away to get accel. development in while still getting adequate recovery. It can be tough with practice going on, but its necessary.

ced with proper practice and a plan your 40y times will improve.feeling sluggish can be caused by a whole array of different circumstances,tiredness,stress from college etc.don’t worry