Loren Seagrave

Can anyone tell me about Loren Seagrave’s philosophies?

Take some good running and hurdling drills, change them a bit so they don’t work but look good and sound scientific, make a bunch of videos to make money and watch everyone run slow.

That’s definetly a “Best of CharlieFrancis.com” post!!

Well he must be making tons of dough by having those Velocity Performance Centers spread up. He mentions several famous athletes to his credit though. Honestly, I can’t say I see much information on him except stuff you have to buy.

I wonder if the athletes that he has to his credit know that he coached them. I have nothing against the man, only against the years of stupidity on my part that resulted from following his drills etc. There was one good thing I learned from the videos, but I can’t quite remeber it now.

Dont act like your name

Herb is a respected guy on here with a lot of knowledge and experience, so don’t act like an ass to him, he was once a national level sprinter and now he coaches one of the fastest people in canada i beleive

This comming from a guy named Blaze? Haha.

Yep Yep. Respect.

Still no need for all the resentment

He is sharing his opinion based on his experience with the drills. No need to bash him on that. If you like them, do them, but do not go around insulting people here, we all posted a lot to help you start off.

Not insulting i’m just wondering why hes mad at someone for something that didn’t work for him. I mean Mr. Seagrave probrably put alot of work into it and it would be very respectful to him to discredit stuff he worked hard on.

Just because you put a lot of work into something does not mean it is effective, he didn’t find the drills effective in his training, he felt his time could have been spent better doing something else and is just sharing that opinion…I mean people who workout with the HIT method work very hard, but does it work? NO

jus got back from a S&C summit in long beach & seagrave was using a pawing action in his demos on drills & sprinting. I asked him why is it many coaches on charlies board promote a “stepping down” approach and not a pawing action. He proceeded to tell me when he coached ben on his 2nd or 3rd effort to return to sprinting he stated ben used a stepping down in accel & a pawing in top speed? He stated a stepping down approach you would encounter a braking action?

Only if the foot is landing in front of the COM. Activly trying to stay in contact with the ground longer (pawing) isn’t a good idea.

It’s interesting to note that many of the successful woman sprinters he coached at LSU were stepping down during apparent maxV. I would suspect that some actions progressed naturally and there was no need to mess with it!

Wouldn’t you be slowing somewhat while consciously attempting a perceived negative motion of the foot? And what of the effect to the prime movers or lower leg structures?

which ben is he talking about. Did he coach ben johnson at some point in time, or what ?!

Ben stepped down when he ran fast. that’s for sure.

To some degree there is breaking everytime a foot strikes. The degree of which against the mechanical advantages gained, seperates the men from the boys…

I also think there’s some confusion between what an athlete objectively does and how that movement subjectively feels. And this confusion spills over into inappropriate coaching cues. When you step down, that doesn’t mean there is no backward sweep of the foot (how else are you going to move forward), it’s just that it happens so fast (or should) that you don’t feel it.