Looking for lift

Hi hoping somebody can help with this. At training two nights ago a girl I coach was doing the scissor drill to the side of a row of hurdles (drill with with straight legs done at skip tempo, we call them can-cans if that makes sense). I notice her legs are a bit low, she looks like she’s finding it hard to pick her feet up and there’s not much bounce even though she’s not too tired.

Today we’re doing speed work and she says she thinks she could go faster but her feet feel “too close to the ground” when sprinting.

Can anyone suggest what might be happening here? We try to do adequate hip flexor mobility and work that area strength-wise with the usual high knee warm up drills, 40m hill sprints, cleans, step ups with light dumbbells… quite conservative and no loaded knee drives or anything like that.

She is 17 and in the 7.9 / 12.5 bracket.


Have you seen, i think its Gpp dvd, charlie stretching the athlete, the athlete lays on belly, charlie puts one hand one upper hammie, and lifts the knee up and the athlete pushes down to the ground, and repeats a few timrs.

If this area is tight, youll struggle like you mentioned.

Yes I know the one you mean. Will try it.